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Blank white walls are like children – they cry for your attention to be filled with all things colourful. Pacify those cries with this deal: Allegro Wallcoverings offers 1 Roll of Imported Exclusive Home Wallpaper.

The imported wallpaper from Korea and Italy for this deal measures at 57 sq ft. Installation for these washable wallpaper are between RM1.20-RM1.50 per sq ft, depending on the wall condition and its surroundings. However, walls of any taller than 10ft or 3 metres are subject to surcharge upon site inspections.

Allegro Wallcoverings believes in not just making homes look more trendy, but also comfortable with the right ambience for each type of room. Allegro has a variety of style and a wide range of refined selections, known for its passion that has been recognised by past clients in the residential, commercial and hotel industry. Get this deal now and expect total solutions with Allegro using the best products, services, design and concepts: watch the process of transformation and ambience change unfold by using Allegro wallcoverings.

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