Living safe and sound

SAFETY and Security are becoming increasingly important to homeowners who want to protect their loved ones from any possible dangers.

With home invasion cases on the rise even in gated and guarded residential developments, astute property owners are turning to over more sophisticated surveillance system to deter any break in.

For state-of-the-art home automation and security system, the MinderPRO from Schneider Electric offers a reliable, comprehensive and visible deterrent to possible intruders.

The cost-effective alarm system is operated from a user-friendly keypad. It may be monitored by a central monitoring station or by mobile phone.

The MinderPRO can even integrate security, lighting and entertainment systems.

It provides for a greater level of flexibility as it replaces a number of redundant home systems. It can help you achieve greater efficiency since all systems are controlled from a single location.

The MinderPRO can monitor all entry points such as doors and windows to provide an early and immediate warning.

The simple-to-use and functional keypad is the control centre of the MinderPRO and the unit can support multiple keypads.

Each keypad features an onboard answering machine and voice selection, available in many languages to prompt the user for input.

Wiser Home control Schneider Electric has taken basic home security to the next level with the Wiser Home Control system.

This system connects the alarms, lighting, web cameras, mobile phones and the internet.

Once integrated with the MinderPRO, homeowners can live safely and soundly, secure in the knowledge that the home and family members are protected at all times.

If the alarm is activated, the Wiser Home Control system will turn on the light and switch on the alarm to deter any intruder as well as automatically send a priority e-mail alert.

To make doubly sure everything is fine, users can even check the web cameras via mobile phone or computer to see what has happened.

If it is a false alarm, users can simply turn off the lights and reset the alarm system.

When users are away for a long vacation, they can activate the pre-programme “vacation” mode on the touch screen.

The Safety and Security system will be activated and will automatically schedule a routine “on and of” activation of the lighting and audio system.

This is to deter any home invasion by creating the impression that there are people at home.

With the certainty that everything in the home can be monitored via a mobile phone or laptop computer, you can be better assured of your peace of mind.

For details, contact Schneider Electric customer care at 1800-880-877.
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