Protect your home

Here is always a fear of your home being invaded by unwanted “guest” like thieves and even pesky insects that are a danger to your well-being and health.

Now with Majestec Premium Security Doors and Windows, a replacement of grilles and insect screens, you can have the best way to keep these unwanted guests out without compromising clear vision and air ventilation.

Majestic offer three functions in one:

1.     High protection from intruders

2.     Harmonized vision

3.     Insect screen

Produced from Australian ingenuity, Majestec’s clear vision security screens ultilise the latest in High tensile wire materials that are interwoven into super strong stainless steel mesh. The screen offer maximum protection from intruders and insects while still allowing unobstructed views of the outdoors.

The screens allow free flow of fresh air to flow through tour home, naturally cooling tour living space. At night, windows can be left open without any worries about insect bites.

The high tensile mesh of the screens is extremely resilient, making it almost impossible for intruders to cut, break through or enter your home.

It has been tested, and meets standards for impact resistance, knife shear, jemmy and pull tests. It also protects glass and timber doors and windows from breakage or damage that may be caused by wind-borne debris due to storms or even a wayward ball from children playing near your property.

Due to its fine mesh, the almost invisible screens allow you a clear view of the outdoors without compromising the security or appearance of your home. Just leave the windows open at night and enjoy the cool air without having to worry about mosquito bites.

Majestec’s products provide high security but will not trap you inside your house. Locks and handles are specially designed for safe and rapid opening as they can be easily released from the inside. Window locks with a removable handle are also available for concerned parents living on higher floors.

Suitable for high rise residential and even commercial buildings

While condominiums are normally regarded as safer from crime, burglars are becoming bolder. Take precautions to ensure the premises are securely protected. Majestec helps prevent unauthorized access and safeguard against thieves and losses without compromising clear view and air ventilation.

Every Majestec product is tailor-make and available with a variety of colours to match your home décor. The aluminium frames are powder-coated to fulfil a product lifespan of over 10 years or more.

Made from 316 marine grade steel, the mesh is rustproof. It also requires low maintenance, as you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth or flush it with water and then wipe dry every now and then.

Its frames are made from heavy duty extruded aluminium that acts as a thick barrier against intruders. Majestec’s product development team can custom-design its products to meet all your aesthetic architectural design and security requirements.

Majestec’s product range includes awning windows, casement windows, hinged doors, French doors, bi-fold doors, fixed panels, sliding doors and widows, stacker doors, pool fencing, balustrades and fire escapes.

The benefits of Majestec

Majestec Screens provide clear vision through the black mesh without compromising security.

It is designed to allow cool breezes into your home and to help reduce air conditioning usage and energy consumption. Majestec Premium security Doors and Windows are not only made to be strong, but also to enhance and modernize the architectural appeal of your home.

There is no compromise with aesthetics as with conventional bar and grille systems.

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