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Let Go Animal

April 19th, 2012

The Karma Of Let Go / Freedom For Animal

One of the Good thing Buddhist recommended is to let go or give freedom to animal especially those will soon be others food. After listen the Good Dhamma Talk today, I believe this is a Good sharing for everyone.

Negative Feedback

By letting go animal, you have created more business opportunity for those pet shop. Because in order to fulfill your need, they catch more!

…it this true?

Remember one basic Karma rule, you eat you get full, there is never happen which other eat and you get full. This mean sellers they will have their own karma, and you let go animal you will get your Good Karma.

Dhamma Talk - Let Go Animal

If you are the animal… the fish …the bird … the…

Today I brought a tortoise from a pet shop, it’s about my hand size and cost me RM20. I go to the Botanical Park where there is a River, an old men see it and asking what I am doing. I just inform him about to let go this tortoise. Old men start use above Negative Info to me… I smile and ask the old men:

“If today you are this tortoise, and you know a guy wanna give you freedom to river soon, but sudden a men come and said don’t let it go, as a tortoise what you feel?”

Will you hate the men heavily? yeah~

If today you are capture by terrorist and locked up in a prison. There are 2 person take care the prison, A see you are old and telling B

“Seen he is old, let just put him in the jungle and let him survive himself”

If  you are the old men, will you fell happy when you hear this? yeah~

B replied, “I think no need, since let go from prison this old men will also die, why we need waste our energy to bring him to the jungle?”

What you fell after B replied?

Now I hope you understand not to stop people let go animal, because it will cause you build the bad karma. If karma mature, the animal may become your boss and torture you :p Just kidding.

The Good Karma of letting go animal.

Do you happen to have some one… your love one, your relative or even friend. They are sick and had consult many doctors but still not recover. Yeah, this is called karma disease. By let go the animal you will have the ability to cure the sickness.


After let go the animal, just said “I wish this let go, this good karma will help  cure my ABC disease faster”. ABC just replace it to the type of disease you have.

After that the karma will start working. Normally you will get 2 types result:

1. You get some one introduce you some medical; either traditional or new, and you get cure.

2. Automatically cure.


Different ‘animal let go’ will get different result, this will base on the type, the talent and the vitality of the animal.

Dhamma Talk - Tropica Community Fish

Top 3 animals with higher karma:

1. Tortoise

2. Wild animal (those will be restaurant food)

3. BeeKok Fish (when you goto pet shop, it will sell one pack RM1, normally people buy it to feed their dragonfish)

Of course, the energy let go animal for curing sickness will also base on how many life you let go. By letting go 7 packs of BeeKok Fish (1pack I think more than 30fishes) will have more energy than letting go one tortoise.

Take Notes:

If the sickness is serious, by only let go one time will not cure the sickness, it may have to do many times and also depend on how many life have you have let go. More life let go will have more energy which is better. AND please do note the place you let go the animal, do not to put at place where the animal not able to survive. Example, put fishes in a toxin lake and cause them die in few minutes or few days.


Still there are people argue on letting animal freedom will cause the supply chain for the pet shops to catch more. Remember, by eating meat will cause kill more animal, please not eat. By eating vegetable will cause the worm in soil die. Pls not eat vegetable. By eat fruit may also able cause the worm in fruit die. May be you can consider only drink water. So don’t be fool by human world concept.

Buddhist recommended let go animal life is base on pity. With or without people let go the animal, pet shops will still there and selling BeeKok fish and cricket for Dragon fish or others as food. If you are the BeeKok fish, will you fell happy when you stay in the same aquarium with the Dragon fish? No, because any time you will die and in the stomach of the Dragon fish. Just like the people in War country, every day they just cry and worried, because they do not know what will happen tomorrow, even they might lost their hand, leg, or any part of the body and also their life in the next second. Luckily we can see people in the world stand up and against war. Because we care others! Now please think for the animal but not the supply chain, because if you not helping them for freedom, the next minute they will become others food. And the curing sickness is just a bonus from the Nature Law by doing this Good thing.

Something Extra…

If you notice the top 3 animal I recommended to let go, all of them are the animal soon to be others food. The tortoise I mentioned is at least hand size big RM20 tortoise, not the baby tortoise where people buy as pet. This hand size big tortoise is normally sell for restaurant to be food, so not all pet shop will sell this kind of tortoise. And pet shop is just an example; you can buy these animals at market or restaurant.

The next thing is many Buddhist society they like to let go Bird. For my opinion, the bird energy for healing is low, and not really helpful for the karma disease. The reason is nowadays people like to let go bird is just like why we can see people start burn the paper made iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and more to death one, things have just been commercialize. I believe birds are with high margin and easy to get, that’s why most time they do recommended to let go bird. While my mum like to let go bird, because she said when she see the bird happily fly at the sky she fell happy.

Next, this is very IMPORTANT! Do not Pre-Order animal for let go purpose! If you notice carefully the let go animal, you will have few good things. They are:
1. You use money to buy the animal, you will get the wealth karma for future.

2. You will earn the healing energy to cure specially for karma disease.

3. You will get honored person (贵人) to help you in future.

4. You will get healthy and long life karma in future.

But if you are Pre-order animal for let go purpose, you will only getting about 20% or less for healing energy and healthy and long life karma, and get honored person (贵人) to help you in future. This is a waste, and also let the public misunderstand that you are causing the supply chain for pet shops to catch more.



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