Now, everyone can cook

LA gourmet Ecopan is the New Age cookware that meets the discerning needs of today’s health- conscious consumers.

It is eco-friendly, efficient and versatile and meets the requirements of both Western and Eastern cooking styles.

Qualities of the La gourmet Ecopan:

1.     Hygienic and safe material

Completely made of 18/10 high-grade stainless steel which is similar in quality to steel used for making surgical instruments.

The 18/10 high-grade stainless steel is non-reactive and non-porous, perfect for healthy cooking.

2.     Water-seal cooking system

It utilizes a stepped-edge body and cover, which help to create a water-seal function. This seal the circulation of water vapour and provides a “Thermal Cooking” process.

The water-seal cooking system makes it an “almost waterless” cooking process as cooked food is fresher and tastier as the nutrients are preserved.

3.     Ultra-core multiple bottom with induction

Allows for good conduction and even heating which results in fast cooking, saving energy.

The three main features and benefits allow for many types of cooking from braising, frying, grilling, steaming and stir-frying. It is also easy to steam fish in the La gourmet Ecopan without using a steamer with water.

If you want to steam fish Teo Chew style, just lay ginger, carrot and spring onion on the unheated La gourmet Ecopan, then put in the fish that has been cleaned and is still wet. If it is dry you have to add water before you put fish on to the pan.

Then added shredded ginger, salted vegetable, Chinese mushrooms and carrots sliced into strips and tomatoes on top of the fish.

In a small bowl add soya sauce, oyster sauce, ginger juice and some water – pour this over the fish.

Cover the lid and ensure that the steam-release control on the knob is turned to “close” for steaming.

Steam the fish for 15 minutes and the fish is ready to be eaten.

Grilling steak using La gourmet Ecopan is a professional chef dream.

LA gourmet EcopanThe La gourmet Ecopan ultra code multiple base is excellent for grilling a perfect steak.

The secret to grilled steak is to sear both sides using high heat.

Searing locks in the juice of the meat while being grilled. Close the lid with “Steam release” and turn to “Open” for two minutes.

Remove the cover and turn the heat to a low level. Sprinkle salt and pepper, then grill for a few more minutes and your steak is done.

With La gourmet Ecopan, everyone can cook.

La gourmet Ecopan can be purchased at major departmental stores, House of Presentation and Kitchen Shop.

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