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Kopiko an instant coffee able you experience anywhere and any time

October 11th, 2014

To a lot of Malaysians, Kopiko is actually coffee candy. And one that has become a favourite together with many, loved because of its strong, true gourmet coffee taste.

Coffee is actually classified by types and origin, and what Kopiko consumers join their instant gourmet coffee mix are two from the easily distinguished pinto and black beans – Arabica along with Robusta.

Arabica is much more delicate and needs greater care in its culture possesses superior organoleptic characteristics in comparison to Robusta, which is more resistant possesses a lower price of production.

“Robusta is just not a lower grade beans. Arabica and Robusta are generally two different types of coffee, thus both are exclusive. Each type connected with bean has a traits and higher points. A good mix off the two will give a well-rounded gourmet coffee taste and fragrance, ” said Ng, who did not reveal the blend ratio from the two beans employed in their products a result of the sensitive nature of the business.

Kopiko very first hit the Malaysian current market in 2001, together with Kopiko 3in1 premix gourmet coffee, and currently in addition sells 3in1 As you Like – gourmet coffee with separate sugar sachet; Brown Coffee – coffee together with natural palm sugar; L. A Coffee – low acid coffee; L. A Coffee As you Like – low acid coffee together with separate sugar sachet along with L. A Whitened – low acid white coffee.

“Many coffee customers are unaware that coffee is acidic which enable it to unsettle their abdomen when consumed in high volume, ” stated Ng.


To solve this matter, Kopiko designed certainly one of its top item ranges, the D. A Coffee array, which was presented in Malaysia in August not too long ago.

Unlike traditional roasting, beans for this L. A Coffee array are roasted at a controlled temperature, contributing to an end product that has lower acid content material. “This then gives us coffee that is certainly easy on this stomach yet holding onto the aromatic flavors of any full-bodied coffee, ” described Ng.

The D. A Coffee As you Like range packs the sugar in separate sachets permitting consumers control over the volume of sugar they wish to add into their particular beverage.

“That approach, our clients can take pleasure in the coffee without needing to worry about sugar consumption; so cures provide is a healthier option, ” he said.

Kopiko also offers an Italian Range that provides Cappuccino, Café Mocha along with Café Latte, together with “choco granule” leading accompanying each sachet.

For a while, however, Kopiko will target coffee products; next 16 to 1 . 5 years, they will target strengthening that “higher quick coffee experience”.

“As particular coffee producers, we be aware of what our consumers want. Over this years, we have invested greatly in growing the Kopiko label, both from a brand in addition to product development view.

“Kopiko has for ages been known as this coffee specialist, and we are confident and are working towards becoming the main coffee brand in Malaysia, ” stated Ng.



You Name It, I Have It!