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Kenwood Triblade Hand BlenderKENWOOD is leading the way in kitchen appliance innovation by introducing the Triblade breakthrough design – delivering powerful, efficient and controllable blending at the touch of a button.

Billed as “the next generation hand blender”, you will find it the most flexible hand blender on the market. you can choose from a variety of additional attachments including a chopper, whisk and for the first time ever for a hand blender, a masher attachment.

Every Triblade blender is sold with an array of helpful attachments to help make kitchen work simpler and quicker. All blenders include the Triblade wand, which has a third blade that works through the pan quicker, a ‘Big Foot’ base which has a centrifugal system that sucks the food towards the blender preventing any messy splash back, perfect for blending directly in a large pan of soup on cold wintry days.

There is also a whisk attachment that is great for making fluffy egg whites or whipped cream. you’ll also find a handy 75ml calibrated beaker which comes with a convenient lid for simple storage.

The blenders in the range are sold with the following attachments:

  • HB712: whisk, Bigfoot and stainless steel wand
  • HB724: whisk, chopper, masher, Bigfoot and stainless steel wnad

Like its sister products in the range, you can be rest assured that your Triblade hand blender will work better due to such factors:

  • Faster – thanks to the durable stainless steel triple blade system, each blade is angled to give optimum blending performance.
  • The Triblade Hand Blender delivers powerful, efficient, and controllable blending at the touch of a button.
  • Cleaner – splashes on kitchen units and clothes are a thing of the past due to the “Power of 3″ which combines the uniquely designed blender foot, ridged base and precision blades allowing you to whizz up soups, dips or sauces without making any mess.
  • Easier – with its friendly ergonomic design with a sure grip handle, the Triblade Hand Blender can be held securely with just one hand.

The impressive, variable speed, 700-watt motor means the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender is powerful enough to create tasty pates and vegetable purees – ideal for soup and baby food. For more information, call 03-80238330 or visit


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