HomeSeal magnetic screensThe innovative insect screening system was introduced by HomeSeal Marketing 10 years ago. To date , it still specialises in this system with the aim of maintaining market leadership in this segment.

HomeSeal magnetic insect screen makes use of magnetic strips that are abount 12mm (haft-an-inch) wide and 1.5mm thick with adhesive to stick on grilles and window frames. A similar strip frames the screen which then allows for a snapback action to ensure a perfect fit.

The screen is made of fibreglass mesh that is non-combustible, ultra-violet stabilised as well as rot and stain-proof.

HomeSeal magnetic screens allow free flow of fresh air into the home and are easy to clean. Just dislodge the light screen and wipe it with a damp cloth or flush it with water and then wipe dry and put it back into place.

Usage of the screen is just as convenient as it can be easily lifted up from the base for the opening of the window as the retaining clips keep the screen in place.

Every screen is tailor-made for a particular window or door, with a choice of colours to match your home decor. All gaps will be covered at no extra charge to ensure a complete seal.

Being the pioneer of magnetic insect screens and with 10years established presence, HomeSeal is confident of satisfying customers in terms of quality and service. Its five-years warranty is the assurance for your peace of mind.

Each customer will receive a warranty card with instructions on the upkeep of the screens and bottle of screen care solvent to maintain the screens in good condition.

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