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Inspirational neutrals

April 10th, 2012

CS ALLOY Design (M) Sdn Bhd (CSA) is synonymous with professional design and good business practice. It has delivered outstanding work in both residential and commercial projects.

It has not only accomplished many commercial projects such as Sri Gemilang Bridge, Palace of the Golden Horses, among other challenging works, it is also the choice of many tasteful homeowners. Modern and simple-line design is rapidly becoming a trend. In view of this, CSA, the decorative metal design company that provides first-class innovative designs, is going to be highly imaginative using avant-garde concept sand cutting edge materials to fabricate unique pieces for its most sophisticated clients.

Established in 1991, CSA, the creative design originator for many decorative metal works, has introduced its concept of design called Cubic metal featuring lively and three dimensional designs with the best visual effect.

The beginning series is Rural Charm, a design concept based on the rich Kampung Style that depicts the countryside. Things have become far more interesting. There is innovation, novelty and more importantly, depth.

CSA presents a revolutionary gate design, the Angsana Gate, which features a new style in the design of entrance gates based on South-East Asian foliage. CSA creative director Glenn Wong previously explored the shape and shadow of trees and plants, deriving all the subtle meaning behind nature using the unique form of silhouettes.

His latest creation is just as meaningful and in depth. While Foliage Allure or the Angsana was a revolution in metal gate design exhibiting creativity. Neutralistic moves forward into minimalism, acknowledging basic shapes as inspiration. Neutralistic is a concept placing more emphasis on shapes, and innovatively adopts and applies 100% recycled alloy as the key components in the products.

CSA is making its products environmentally friendly. It has also engaged television personality Xandria Ooi to be its Green Ambassador in conjunction with its brand new designs – a mission to make the industry environmental conscious.

For Malaysians, gate and grilles are vital parts of the home renovation package deal. Shoppers should choose merchandise like decorative metal works wisely, as these is a major part of renovation. See beyond the price tag and find good value for money.

Moreover, CSA customers enjoy the privilege of exclusive maintenance service. For details, call 1800-88-3839, visit or its Facebook page at



You Name It, I Have It!