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Have you ever considered what else may be festering in your mattress and sharing your bed with you?

You wash your clothes weekly. Clean your room frequently. Change your sheets on a regular basis. BUT, you can never thoroughly clean, wash or change your mattress often.

The older your mattress is, the worse the contamination of mites, bacteria, and fungus is likely to be. It doesn’t matter how often you change the sheets or even if you’ve even tried vacuuming the mattress yourself, there could easily be millions of dust mites along with other harmful bacteria and contaminants deeply embedded in there.

Now, that’s pretty gross. So, it’s probably time to get that bed of yours sanitized!

Thankfully, we’ve gotten you a discount on the service, and by Safeway Pest Control too! Safeway Pest Control are the first and most experienced professional mattress cleaners in Malaysia.

Hygienitech® Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing System is a scientifically-proven solution that is NATURAL, CHEMICAL-FREE and DRY to give you a TOTALLY NON-INVASIVE and SAFE clean. The technology comes from the USA, and will eliminate and kill all those disturbing micro-organism in your bed!

The tecnology works using a powerful, specially engineered portable cleaning device that generates incredible suction and HIGH-FREQUENCY PULSATING WAVES, combined with a GERM-KILLING UV-C LIGHT to pulverize and extract the dust mites and other harmful debris that have created a home in your bed.

Did you know that house dust mites are the biggest enemies to your health? They may be microscopic in size but they have detrimental health effects; causing allergies, headaches, and breathing problems.

Dust mites produce 200 times their body weight in excrement, yeah that’s right … poo, during their normal life span.

And, what’s the grossest thing? Their favourite breeding ground are in mattresses, so it’s likely that you have millions sharing that bed with you!

So, waste no time in giving your bed a thorough cleansing with this deal, so YOU and YOUR FAMILY can be the only ones enjoying a MUCH SAFER and CLEANER night’s sleep in YOUR beds.

Developed in the US, the Hygienitech Mattress Cleaning and Sanitizing System is the world’s leading sanitizing system for almost a decade.

Hygienitech already has more than 450 dealers around the world, including dealers in the U.S.A., Aruba, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Barbados, Ecuador, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Colombia, Jamaica, Ireland, India, Scotland, Mexico, South Korea, Mauritius, South Africa and now, Malaysia.

Hygienitech has received worldwide media coverage, making it an internationally-acclaimed brand for mattress cleaning and sanitizing.

Safeway Pest Control Sdn. Bhd.
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