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How to read Fruit Label

October 14th, 2011

閱讀在您的果實上貼的數字 ……



傳統的水果標籤:四個數字 開始為 4
有機的水果標籤:五個數字和數字開頭為 9
轉基因的水果 :數字開頭為 8

ex. 你在商店碰巧看到一個蘋果:
如果它的標籤是89222,那就不要買!! 它是經由轉基因的(GMO)。

Read your fruit in the number of ….. posted.

“Fruit label” will be a few figures, in addition to its name and to tell consumers the main producing fruit, but also marked the purchase of fruit and fruit are safe or unsafe.

Please note that reading the fruits of your hand on the labels to get the number, do not underestimate it, this figure can be said that the unique alternative identity cards represent only imports have posted, but also a great number of mystery.

The traditional fruit label: four digits beginning at 4
Organic fruit labels: five numbers and numbers beginning with 9
Transgenic fruit: the number begins with 8

ex. you happen to see an apple in the store:
If its label is 4922, which is a traditional apple, it is the use of herbicides and harmful fertilizers planting.
If its label is 99222, which is organic and safe to eat.
If its label is 89222, then do not buy! ! It is through genetically modified (GMO).

So next time you go shopping, remember these important figures, can know how to avoid buying into the inorganic and GMO fruits.
Shopping Safety: These should be noted, because the store has no obligation to tell you, if fruit has been genetically modified.



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