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How Radiation affects our Health

May 27th, 2011

How radiation  affects our health

THE world was horror-struck by the recent earthquake and tsunami tragedy in Japan which led to damaged atomic power stations leaking radioactive material into the environment.

An increased level of radiation has been registered in South Korea, China, Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines and the US.

There is lack of public knowledge on major health risks associated with even low level radioactive contamination and the protective means to prevent health disorders induced by environmental radioactivity.

Here are answers t several common questions:

Q: What kind of radioactive materials erupted from the damaged power stations?

A: There are enduring isotopes of iodium and cesium attached to the combustion dust particles, which could be spread by wind and water up to thousands of kilometers from the radiation epicenter.

Q: What kind of health effects could it have?

A: The low- level irradiation associated with environmental contamination  does not create any symptions of acute irradiation disease.  However, low-level irradiation increases risk of thyroid gland tumors, gastic, colon tumors and leukaemia.  Morever, it suppresses normal functions of the immune system.  Low-level irradiation induces severe psycho-neurological syndromes such as depression, insomnia, severe headaches, decreased attention and cognitive capacity.  The cardiovascular system is also extremely sensitive to increased radioactivity, reacting with unstable blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and heart failure due to vascular fibrosis and occlusion.

Q: How to prevent health damage associated with environmental irradiation?

A:  One way is through cleaning of the living space, clothes and choice of food supplement.  Medicinal preparations of iodium or food enriched with iodium could be prescribed in the areas heavily contaminated with iodium isotopes.  Food supplements and other products for everyday consumption with high content of isotope chelators and rich in natura antioxidants are strongly recommended.  Reasonable science-based detoxification programmes could be also carried out.  Certain types of nutraceuticals contain an optimal combination of powerful isotope chelators, strong antioxidants, and proven to efficiently detoxify human body, as appeared in numerous scientific and  clinical publications and journals.

Natural Health Farm’s (NHF)Jesie Chung Super Health Programme

The Jessie Chung Super Health Programme was developed via extensive research and development by celebrity Jessie Chung in collaboration with several distinguished medical professors and doctors from Russia, Italy and Japan.

This exclusive programme includes nutraceuticals produced using cutting-edge technology and several other synergistic nutritional supplements.

This programme, which has been developed and improved over the years to provide a comprehensive detoxification and nutrient replenishment system, will enhance a well-functioning immune system for a healthy body.

The four main steps to complete toxin neutralization and detoxification are toxin neutralization, discharge of toxin, nutrient absorption and cell regeneration.  The Jessie Chung Super Health Programme is one of Natural Health Farm’s (NHF) most popular and recognizable detoxification programme in Malaysia.

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