A revolutionary way of sitting in a chair is apparent with the latest Dondola series.

The sitting in Motion furniture series has been “medically-tested” for a healthy way of sitting. The smooth Dondola mechanism, enables an effortless transition from various sitting posture. It is proven to improve the health of your back and effectively safeguards against bad posture.

All Wagner chairs are 100% made in Germany and are equipped with Dondola and synchronous mechanisms, Wagner chairs come with the perfect or optimal balance. It offers practicality, in terms of handling as well as freedom of movement.

chesterscollectionThe Dondola mechanism – by virtue of its movement – improves the well-being of your back and posture.

It goes with Wagner’s definition of the “healthiest” office seat by the singular movement of the Dondola system that leads to a significant decrease of back pain. Wagner products have also been awarded quality seals such as the GS-sign of the LGA-Nuremberg certification which complies with all the requirements relevant to the office sector.

One can also choose from various designs incorporated with the Dondola system to fit one’s taste as in the Body Balance series, as well as AluMedic, OpenArt, medArt and Sitness from the Sitting in Motion range which offers a comprehensive range of chairs.

The Dondola system promotes the well-being of office workers, keeping them fit and alert even after long meetings.

Its adjustable lumbar support for the back, height adjustable armrest for total arm support as well as the movable seat and back rest promote healthy blood circulation, so too does the adjustable neck rest as well as firm foot gliders.

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The smooth movement of Dondola enables easy transitions between various sitting postures and is proven to noticeably improve the health of your back.