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December 25th, 2010

Is post-natal hair fall normal?

Pregnancy can be a great experience for any women who has had a child. Apart from bearing the pain, you are bearing a new life too. However, it also comes with many changes that may catch many new mums by surprise. one of the unwelcomed ‘surprises’ is hair fall.

The usual reason for post-natal hair fall is due to hormonal change. During the pregnancy phase, hair is usually at the best state due to the high levels of the female hormone estrogen, and the hair growth stage is prolonged.

At this stage, more hair follicles maintain its growing stage. however, after childbirth, the hormone levels will change dramatically, estrogen levels decrease, hence a lot more hair follicles enter the resting phase.

This is the time when most women start noticing hair fall and panic when they see large clumps of hair on their hairbrush or in the plug-hole after washing. Once your body has settled down and returned to the pre-pregnancy state, the shedding will stop. Post-natal hair fall usually appears as overall thinning rather than just at the top of the head.

However, if hair fall continues even after five to six months after childbirth, you might want to take this issue seriously because it means your body is still unable to handle the sudden hormonal change.

It is important that you consult a hair care expert rather than wait for a normal readjustment in your body for normal hair re-growth. it left untreated, it will become permanent hair fall.

One of 101 Hair Care‘s clients, Hee Su Wei, suffered from post-natal hair fall at the age of 32. She knew her problems was getting serious from the third to fifth month after childbirth. Sensing an urgency to treat this matter, she decided to entrust 101 Hair Care with her hair.

After identifying the root cause of hair fall and personalising the best therapy for her, she started undergoing a series of Advanced Follicle Technology (AFT) therapy.

Soon, she noticed less hair fall and baby hair was spotted after a few sessions of therapy. Combined with 101 Hair Care therapy, home care, a proper diet modification plan give by 101 Hair Care’s nutritionist, she finally regained her normal hair growth. 101 Hair Care has a team of expert in hair care to provide services to those who are troubled by various hair issues.

Being one of the pioneers in hair care, 101 Hair Care has achieved numerous successes with their unique and speciallised therapy for each individual.

Their acupunctural point massage technique and deep-cleansing therapy have been proven to be effective in treating clogged follicles and improving blood circulation to enhance the absorption of herbal essences.

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