Getha does it again

GETHA, the sleeping specialist, has grown by leaps and bounds since 1969. With six outlets nationwide today, Getha is among the leading brands in the bedding industry in Malaysia, producing mattresses made of pure natural latex that ensures comfort and support.

In line with its aim of producing innovative designs and ensuring comfort as the standard, Getha introduces the all-new Transform 360⁰ series – mattresses that can improve your well-being through better sleep.

Getha Sleep Therapy CentreLet Getha transform your life

Getha’s signature Transforme series was introduced in, 2007. It was during that time when news of viruses was spreading in the country.

Getha immediately saw the need to protect the people by incorporating a unique technology called Nano Technology and incorporated it in the mattresses as a way to eliminate germs even while a person is sleeping. Since then, the mattress has been hailed for its anti-microbial properties and being an environmentally-friendly product. It is made from 100% pure natural latex.

Since its introduction in 2007, Getha Transforme is known for its advanced sleep technology combining its trademark sleep science with the fusion of anti-static protection and Nano Silver. The new Getha Transforme 360⁰ assures that your comfort, sleep quality and hygiene are ensured.

Comfort Enriched

The Transforme 360⁰ mattress series adopts the latest technology to knit yearns with uniquely-coated latex threads onto the surface of the textile. So, the mattress is stronger and more stretchable. This give the mattress a truly all-round latex feel and provides your body greater comfort and a natural sleep environment.

Apart from the mattress being embedded with Nano Technology, Anti-Static Protection, and Anti-Dust Mite Protection, the surface of the new Transforme 360⁰ mattress is now infused with bamboo charcoal yarn. Bamboo charcoal absorbs moisture and unpleasant room odours as well as reduces the negative ions that surround the body.

It also helps reduce our body’s static electricity more quickly and effectively promote sleep quality. The mattress also has fabric with ventilation on the sides to help reduce heat generation.

With advanced Nano Technology, you can be assured that the Transforme 360⁰ mattress is hygienic, clean and safe. This revolutionary technology is also known as an antibiotic alternative that can significantly reduce the severity and length of almost any type of bacterial, viral and fungal infection.

Choose your own personal comfort

Getha now offers two type of “comfort and feel” options – Plush Feel or Firm Feel . There are six types of mattresses in the Transforme 360⁰ series – Natural Latex (for Plush Feel), Pocket Spring, Spring Power, Natural Latex (for Firm Feel), Natural Fibre and Harmony.

Each mattress has distinctive qualities to cater to the different needs of customers. The Pocket Spring mattress is made with independent micro-pocketed spring and layered with layers of 100% pure natural latex, creating a luxurious mattress for a restful slumber. As for Harmony, it provides a 4-in-1 multilayer support which combines natural latex with three other layers of bedding for optimum comfort.

A queen size Transforme 360⁰ mattress is priced from RM3,588 (Peninsular Malaysia). Other Transforme 360⁰ products available are latex toppers and pillows.

Getha recently opened its Getha Sleep Therapy Centre at the old wing of 1 Utama. The warm and soothing ambience beckons you to lie down on Getha’s comfortable mattresses, which customers are encouraged to do. This new outlet even has a “Functional Area” where you can rest on mattress as you try the different type of pillows. For detail visit