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Fruit Juice Drink with Delicious Flavours

December 25th, 2010

Drink packed with Goodness

Nutrition is the science of food and its relationship to health. it concerns how food impacts our health since food has a very specific metabolic effect on the human body.

Foods with high nutritional value promote good health and provide lots of energy to the body. Hence, low nutritional levels may cause malnutrition and various diseases. Food is composed of nutrients and some of these nutrients are considered to be essential nutrients which cannot be synthesised by the human body and therefore must be derived from food sources.

The other type of nutrients are nonessential nutrients which the body has the ability to synthesis from other compounds as well as from food sources.

Dairy-Champ’s-Milk-Fruit-JuiceMacronutrients: Most individuals’ diet consists of macronutrients which provide energy. they are also essential for maintenance, growth as well as activity and consist of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, minerals and water.

Micronutrients: These are called micronutrients as the body requires them in small quantities only. They consist of vitamins, phytochemicals and trace minerals. Vitamins are the organic substances that we ingest with our foods and it triggers off several other reactions in the body. Trace minerals or inorganic substances are ingested for metabolic processes.

Phytochemical (or phytonutrient) is a naturl bioactive compound that works together with vitamins, minerals, and fibre to augment health.

Macronutrients are needed in large amounts while Micronutrients in small amounts. The body uses carbohydrates in Macronutrients as its main source of energy. It also uses up proteins and fats when carbohydrate is unavailable. On the other hand, Micronutrients are also very important for the healthy functioning and growth of the body, even though they do not contain any energy.

The body simplifies nutrients through digestion in order to utilise them.

Macronutrients are digested to release energy but only when there are sufficient Micronutrients to facilitate the release of these nutrients for breakdown. Thus, Macronutrients can be digested for providing energy when only sufficient Micronutrients are available.

Therefore, both Macronutrients as well as Micronutrients are essential to the human body.

A good food source of Macronutrients would be milk, which can be described as nutrient-rich or “nutrient dense” due to its well-known energy content, and a source filled with many vitamins and minerals. Milk is also a source of high biological value protein which is crucial for growth and hormone production as well as tissue reconstruction. It provides all the essential amino acids which the body cannot produce itself.

The carbohydrates in milk is the least damaging sugar, and dentists normally prescribe it safe for  consumption in between meals other than plain water. Where fats are concerned, the fat contents in milk are good fats when consumed in proper proportion and are important for the body.  Milk fat is also a source of fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and other compounds that promote health.

With regard to Micronutrients, fruits are one of the best sources for vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemical compounds. Fruit contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals important for the body. It also has the body’s work force – enzymes, which are crucial for the digestion and absorption of food leading to the conversion of food material into tissues in the body and cell level energy production.

Phytochemicals in fruits act as antioxidants and stimulate detoxification enzymes and the immune system in general. these phytonutrients also affect hormones and serve to function as antibacterial or antiviral agents.

Fruits also contain water – the substance of life itself. Since approximately two-thirds of the human body’s cells are made of water, it is imperative to human consumption.

With the apparent health benefits of both milk and fruit, combining them together into one nutritiously packed beverage can only mean great convenience and good common sense.

Dairy Champ’s Milk + Fruit Juice not only tastes great but contains both Macronutrients and Micronutrients required by the body’s system. Now, you can enjoy a truly nourishing and delicious drink packed with the natural goodness of both milk and fruit juice, all at one go, in one canned drink.

Dairy Champ’s Milk + Fruit Juice comes in 170g and 250g cans of five flavours such as apple, orange, cranberry, pineapple and yoghurt. For more information, kindly visit



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