The way to Enlighten

Buddhism is the four progressive stages culminating in full enlightenment as an Arahat/Arahant, which an average, instructed person can attain in this life. The four stages are Sotapanna, Sakadagami, Anagami and Arahat/Arahant.

Sotapanna – the person mind enlighten with the ability to let go. He/she will no longer heavily attach on something. Or no longer fell extremely sad and blame the luck is not good. They will fell if they can have something they needed is good while if they can’t get what they want, they will feel this is normal.

Sakadagami – the person mind start to research for Karma, keep looking the information on WHY. Once fully understand the Karma and will start to feel scare, boring and tired on the law of Karma. They understand on doing good will get good life, while doing bad will get into bad life. After this, he/she is completely enlightened to the higher level of Sakadagami.

Anagami – Once boring with the Karma, this person now start to feel bored with the daily behavior and start to cut and let go the old behavior including greed, things like, and search for the right Karma to get the real freedom. In one stage, they will tried to understand the root of relationship love, why love? Next he/she will start to see the opposite sex to be in old age, dirty of excremental, visceral, lastly celula. The final stage of Anagami will be no longer interest on opposite sex (girl/guy) and be in deep of meditation for Jana.

Arahat/Arahant – The enlightenment person which is similar like Buddha with the knowledge of understand the natural law of Karma especially how human born. And he/she is ready for the Nibbana and will no longer rebirth after the body is dead. But Arahant is allowed to let his/her energy of “thinking” to teach the all beings. Which mean if any all beings including human, if he/she has the fate and able train the mind as well as develop it correctly, this person will able to connect the “thinking” of Arahant or Buddha for further coaching. The coaching will be including Dhamma Talks, Meditation and Paramitas.