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For cleaner and better air quality

March 3rd, 2012

American Air FilterDO you think about the quality of the air that comes into your home? With pollution everywhere today, air that enters our home may contain contaminants instead of being fresh air. If not taken seriously, air pollution can be harmful.

American Air Filter (AAF) is a trusted name in air filters with a solid track record dating back over 80 years. Its products feature advanced purification techniques based on the latest research on high-tech products. There are two models of air purifiersfor the home. They are the PurAir 200 and the PurAir 4004 The former covers up to 20-30sq m, while the latter covers up to 40-60sq m.

These filters come with six filtration levels – Pre-Filter; Gas Phase Filter; HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter with Intersept; Germicidal W Ughts; Photocatalyst Net TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) and loniser. Power consumption for both units is low, with the turAir 200 running on 40 watts and the PurAir 400A on 60 watts which is equivalent to the power consumption of a normal fluorescent tube.

The benefits ofthese filters are plenty. Firstly, during festive seasons, homeowners will be spring cleaning and dust particles will be scattered around. With the right appliance, dust particles can be frltered and the home will be fresh and clean even during cleaning.

If a home is near an industrial or renovation site, the air quality in the home can become bad. With the PurAir 200 and PurAir 4004, the home can be clean and no air pollution even from outside can affect the condition of the home.

The air filters are ideal for homes with babies and older folk. AAF products are created with the right materials to give the home a conducive air quality for everyone. Aside from residential air purifiers, AAF has commercial air purifiers as well. Its Cyclone air purifier is suitable for commercial and industrial applications. AAF also has a good service team that helps customers to maintain and service the products within Klang Valley.

However, appointments must be made ahead. And there will be no labour and transportation charges.

AAF Air Purifier is available at Metrojaya Mid Valley and free gifts will be given away. To find out more, call American Air Filter Manufacturing Sdn Bhd at 03-551 1 81 1 1. Alternatively, log on to or join AAF on Facebook to get updates from the company.



You Name It, I Have It!