FABER FimacoFABER is offering customers two special combo package deals that will surely complete your kitchen needs.

Faber symphony combo package deal: Faberjet Favore 90 SS, FBH 433/90 Bk and FBO 88 SS.

  • Cooker Hood – Faberjet Favore 90 SS

This cooker hood has a stainless steel body with one charcoal filter. For case of use, it comes with a three-speed soft touch control panel and with two halogen lights.

It has good suction capacity of 1,200m m3/h and runs on a ducted and re-circulating air operation system.

  • Built-in Oven – FBO 88 SS

This 56-litre built-in oven with a maximum temperature of 270 degrees Celcius features a mechanical control with auto cut-off timer.

It comes fully equipped with eight function programmes as well as a digital clock with an automatic cut-off timer.

Other features include a cavity cooling system and an oven ventilation system.

With its removable inner panel, cooking has never been so easy.

The oven also comes equipped with top and side lights, cool touch triple glazed glass door, a large viewing window and five-shelf position.

  • Built-In hob – FBH 433/90 BK

This built-in hob has three powerful burners that can reach up to 5.5kw.

Its efficient and high performance burner head is made of brass, while the brass-designed burner bass prevent it from melting.

Its ignition operates on battery and is designed to give you high performance and at the same time reduce gas consumption.

It has a high quality tempered glass top for easy cleaning and durability. This built-in hob also has a five injectors wok burner with a slim design.

Faber Sierra Home combo package deal at RM2199: Faberjet Belezza 90 SS, FGH 152/78 BK and FBO 68 SS

  • Cooker hood – Faberjet Belezza 90 Ss

Faberjet Belezza 90 SS is a cooker hood with a stainless steel body with two charcoal filters. It comes with three-speed push button with a suction power of 1000m m3/h and two halogen lights. It runs on a ducted and re-circulating air operation system.

  • Built-In Oven – FBO 68 SS

This FBO 68 SS Built-In Oven has a mechanical control with an auto cut-off digital timer.

With 56-litre capacity and a maximum temperature of 270 degrees Celsius, it is equipped with six function programmes, cavity cooling system, oven ventilation system, five-self position, cool touch triple glazed glass door, top light and a large viewing window.

  • Glass hob – FGH 152/78 BK

This glass hob model has two burners with burning power of up to 4.8kw. Its features include burner heads made of brass, high quality tempered glass for easy cleaning and durability, and battery operated ignition.

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