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For a healthy heart

March 15th, 2012

OLIVES has long been touted as an essential part of the healthy Mediterranean diet. It is deemed to be responsible for the longevity of southern European population and their low rates of heart disease. It also contains high levels of polyphenols especially Hydroxytyrosol (HT)

HT is recognized by the European Olive Oil Medical Library as the strongest radical-scavenger among all the olive polyphenols that play a crucial role in protecting against cardiovascular diseases. It also promotes healthy skin, good for the joints and boosts the immune system.

Studies show that the antioxidant effects of HT is obvious after users consume 10mg a day. Previous research has linked the compound to cardiovascular benefits, with reductions in Low Density Lipoprotein or “bad” cholesterol. It also reduces the build-up of fatty plaques in the arteries.

“Hydroxytyrosol is a simple molecule and our body absorbs it very well. It is the principle antioxidant responsible for the health benefits of olives and olive oil,” says Dr Jeronimo Diaz, a renowned olive oil production system specialist, who serves as an advisor to the Spanish Export Olive Oil Association for the Ministry of Export Commerce of Spain.

OLIFERIN OLIFERIN, an olive-based supplement which uses the international-patented olive extract by Dr Jeronimo Diaz as its primary active ingredient contains a minimum 15mg of total polyphenols including 12mg of HT in each capsule.

OLIFERIN is the only olive supplement in the market that can deliver sufficient HT for antioxidant protection in just one dosage or one capsule.

Each OLIFERIN capsule contains antioxidants which is equivalent to 35g of fresh olives or 500ml of extra virgin tea – it is three times that of green tea, four times that of grape seed, and 13 times that of Vitamin C.

OLIFERIN is certified by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), a testament to its effective antioxidant qualities that fight against free radicals. Each box of 60- capsules OLIFERIN is available at major pharmacies nationwide. For more information, contact 03-6142 6860 or visit



You Name It, I Have It!