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Fitness Concept for the love of Running

January 14th, 2011

If the objective is to improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat or both, the first thing that comes to mind is to use cardio related equipment – be it treadmill, stationary bicycles or the elliptical machines. Of these three machines, the stationary bicycle was initially introduced followed by treadmill and then the elliptical.

It was discovered that stationary bicycle was effective in improving fitness but the natural process of walking progressing to jogging and then running was even more effective in achieving greater fitness. The introduction of the crosswalk treadmill is not only more effective in improving cardio-respiratory fitness, it helps reduce a higher percentage of body fat and also tone up the muscles.

How does this work? Crosswalk treadmill has the dual functions of working the lower and upper body like the revolutionary Reebok CrossWalk V7 treadmill. This treadmill features an innovative Upper Body Arms to help you burn 22% more calories and increase your cardio benefits and heart rate by 18%. The running action, synchronizing the legs and arms action will burn more calories as all muscles from both these areas are involved. The higher the intensity in running speed or duration will induce a greater amount of calories burned. This action will result in improving cardio-respiratory fitness and higher percentage reduction of body fat.

Reebok CrossWalk V7 treadmillResistance generated by the running action also tones the muscles involved. This is possible due to varied training programmes and intensities. Where running duration is involved, local muscular endurance improves. Injuries related to this weakness will be reduced and the result is improved quality of life and productivity. The Reebok CrossWalk V7 treadmill comes with two iFit Workout Card (weight-loss and CrossWalk). Each card is designed by a certified personal trainer and plugs directly into the treadmill’s console, automatically adjusting your speed and incline while the voice of the personal trainer takes you through each workout. It also has 16 built-in personal trainer workout programmes so you can lose weight and feel great.

The Reebok CrossWalk V7 also comes with a compatible music port for iPod or MP3 player so you can listen to your favourite tunes any time through the Intermix 2.0 speaker system. It will most definitely keep you motivated and have fun with your workout every time.

To be motivated and achieve your workout targets, two pertinent basic steps are eminent:

  • Determine your base fitness level
  • Progress from “simple to complex” in terms of time, speed, distance and elevation

Determining the base fitness level is important as this will determine your starting point. As training is cardio-respiratory, it is recommended that target heart rate be the determinant, a percentage of the maximum heart rate (220 minus age). It must be stressed that while training, breathing must me normal and at no time should you short of breath. If this is the case reduce your training target heart rate.

As training progresses and as you get fitter you gradually increase your training target heart rate. You can do this by either increasing your training duration, speed, distance or elevation. The best way to measure intensity is to watch your heart rate as you exercise. As such, the Reebok CrossWalk V7 offers Dual Accurate Heart Rate Monitor conveniently built into the handlebars, so you can get a pulse reading easily. Simply grip them and this machine will measure your heart rate and transmit the reading to the console.

Moreover, with Reebok CrossWalk’s DMX Zone Cushioned Deck, you no longer have to worry that your knees will get hurt strained. This is because the cushioning systems helps absorb impact, putting less stress on your joints as compared to hard surface road running space of 20” width by 55” length. Hence, it is suitable for all sizes and everyone in the family.

You can also expect strength and durability from this 300 lbs weight capacity desk which equivalent to around 135kg. Reebok CrossWalk V7 treadmill is built to support the most vigorous workout, as such, this heavy duty desk will stand the test of time.

The fitness machine is also loaded with high resolution graphical display, Precision QuickStep Incline Control up to 10% and Precision QuickStep Speed Control up to 10 MPH and last but not least, patented SpaceSaver design that allows the treadmill to fold vertically without lifting up the motor unlike others for easy lift-up and storage. With up to five years of warranty on drive motor, you can be assured that your Reebok CrossWalk will give you tip-top performance all the time.

The Reebok CrossWalk V7 is made in the United States by ICON Health and Fitness, Inc. which is among the largest manufacturers and marketers of fitness equipment in the world. The company holds over 200 patents for its innovations and technologies. ICON is also ISO9001 certified meeting the international standard of quality and manufacturers.

Reebok CrossWalk V7 has been the most sellable treadmill of the year and it is only available at all Fitness Concept outlets nationwide. Drop by their roadshows in Mid Valley Megamall (ground floor centre court) in Kuala Lumpur and Jusco Kinta City in Ipoh, Perak (ground floor centre court) or any fitness concept outlet nationwide today. Offer is valid while stocks last. For details, visit



You Name It, I Have It!