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Fish For Health By Chantiva

February 9th, 2016

ACCORDING to evidence-based source Authority Nutrition, fish is among the healthiest foods on the planet. Besides being loaded with nutrients like vitamin D and protein, it provides the best source of omega-3 fatty acids important for our body and brain.


Of the many species of edible fish is the Haruan, better known in Malaysia as the “snakefish” or the “snakehead fish”, its scientific name, “Channidae Channa Striatus”. Among Asians, consuming this fish is believed to provide one with good health. It is also normally eaten by women after giving birth as it is said to promote wound-healing and able to reduce post-operative pain.

FishBesides being a valuable source of protein for the people throughout the Asia Pacific region, this fish is also known as a natural remedy among the traditional medicine practitioners and consumers. In fact, the high nutritional value of this fish has led many researchers and lecturers to conduct more detailed studies. Of the many is Prof Saringat Bai@Baei from University Sains Malaysia (USM). Bai began research on the fish species in 2005.

Together with a team, clinical data and evidence were documented on the nutritional value and effectiveness of the Channidae Channa Striatus for human health.


Through the study, the team learnt that the fish is rich in amino and fatty acids and provides medicinal healing for wounds and inflammation. In fact, the results of the research, which was done in Malaysia, demonstrated that the fish provided anti-nociceptive features similar to morphine.

ChantivaFurther research by the team led to the making of Chantiva, a natural remedy that aids in the healing of wounds, as well as the alleviation of muscular and joint pain.

As a health product, Chantiva is said to be the first that is supported by data and one that has undergone thorough research – over six years in all. It is sold in tablet form and prescribed according to stipulated dosage based on the need.


According to consumers, Chantiva is effective in healing wounds. A newly circumcised young boy was given the product and within four days, was able to put on his regular garb. According to his parents, the circumcised wound healed well and quickly. Based on customers’ feedback, the product is also effective in alleviating sore joints, including knees. Joint pain sufferers reported that they are “able to feel the effectiveness after two months of consuming Chantiva”.

According to Bai, the nutrients in Channidae Channa Striatus extract stimulates the production of collagen which helps reduce pain in joints. It is also good for the immune system. A box of Chantiva contains 60 tablets. Chantiva is manufactured and issued by Bai. Chantiva is registered with and approved by the Health Ministry (MOH). The product is available at pharmacies or can be purchased directly by contacting +603-7610 0030.

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