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Fight Hair Fall

December 20th, 2010

If your hair is dropping more than usual, let Miracle Hair Expert check for the presence of harmful parasitic mites, demodex mites in hair follicles. these mites weaken the hair, which contribute to hair fall problems.

Demodex mites are invisible to the naked eye. If Demodex mites are present, obvious signs would be an itchy scalp, itchy skin, skin inflammation, a crawling sensation as well as severe hair fall. Around 80% of the adult population have a Demodex Folliculorum infection.

Miracle Hair ExpertThe size of Demodex mites varies from 0.1mm to 0.4mm. these mites live inside the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, damaging the cell walls. After mating, Demodex mites introduce bacteria and infection to the scalp.

Contributing factors that lead to growth of Demodex mites include a weak immune system; stress and depression; hormone imbalance; increase in male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT); poor hygiene and an oily scalp – the sebum is a rich source of nutrients for Demodexmites.

Demodex mites cause scalp inflammation that pushes hair follicles into Telogen stage, shrink hair follicles and lead to drastic hair fall problems. If you have been experiencing unusual hair fall in a short period, your hair follicles may have been attacked by Demodex mites, which population would have already increased dramatically on the entire scalp.

In July, Miracle Hair Expert was awarded “Excellence Brand” at the ninth Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2010.

Miracle Hair Expert launched the break though FolliMites Technology, touted as the only solution to kill Demodex mites.

FolliMites Technology aids to improve hair density and stimulate new hair growth in just four weeks. A combination of herbal solution and ozone therapy helps prevent hair fall.Your hair fall could be due to various scalp problems and conditions, so early detection of Demodex mites can slow or prevent hair fall.

Miracle Hair Expert products are 100% herbal based and formulated using ginseng and active ingredients to stimulate hair follicle and promote new hair growth. Miracle Hair Expert is a one-stop hair care and scalp centre, fast establishing a reputation as one of the country’s largest hair growth specialist and awards such as Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Year 2009/2010, Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Year 2009/2010 and Asia Top Excellent Health Product 2010.

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