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Extract Cell therapy for better health

March 10th, 2013

THE advent of the Sheep Placenta Extract has triggered a new trend called “cell therapy” in the international arena. What is sheep placenta extract? How is it used in cell therapy, and what are the benefits to the human body?

In 1930, Dr Paul Niehans — a Swiss surgeon and his medical team started a theoretical and practical study in cell therapy.

Dr Niehans found that when the human body was injected with sheep embryonic tissue, it did not trigger the human’s natural immune system to reject the intervention of an exogenous protein.

This is because the sheep embryo has no antigen, the host (human body) did not recognize it as a foreign protein, and hence there was no resistance.

Extract Cell therapy for better health

Sheep are vigorous and strong animals with a high resistance to natural diseases.

Sheep cells match perfectly with the human body, hence sheep is the best donor in cell therapy.

In cell therapy, sheep cells are injected into old, weak and deteriorated human cells to stimulate the old cell tissues to operate responsively to the new vitality, and revitalise the body tissue.

Placenta is a special tissue in mammals that supplies nutrients to the embryo and nurtures its growth during pregnancy.

It is connected to an umbilical cord for oxygen and nutrients delivery as well as waste elimination.

The sheep placenta extract is then extracted from both the placenta and umbilical cord.

Sheep placenta extract contains three major nutrients — protein, fat, carbohydrate as well as various enzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

These nutrients can regulate the body’s function in skin well-being and youthful maintenance.

Sheep placenta extract keeps the skin youthful and lustrous.

High quality sheep placenta extract, which can be found in the products of MFIII of Switzerland, is rich in nucleic acids and amino acids which can effectively stimulate the enzyme system.

As one partakes the MFIII PE Soft gel, it also helps improve the formation of lines and crow’s feet on the forehead, eyes and neck, which is due to skin cell aging, and the decline of skin elasticity.

In addition, it also helps skin health, strengthen skin cells, promote collagen synthesis and repair cells damaged by free radicals, and helps improve skin elasticity to keep the skin youthful. For more information, call MFIII Anti Aging Wellness Centre at 03-5621 000.



You Name It, I Have It!