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September 25th, 2011

Elken is an Asia’s leading direct seller with the series for health care, body & beauty care, home care products including Elken spirulina, Elken Bio Pure water purifier, Kington Life Plasma and more.

Elken is one of a Top 10 direct selling company in Malaysia. Elken Distributors’ venture with us is a truly rewarding experience as our Head Office is one of Malaysia ‘s Top 5 Best People Developers. Elken offer the very same generous compensation plan as documented in Elken Double Bonus Marketing Plan, and enjoy the leverage of skill and expertise of Elken Head Office in every aspect of our management and operations.

The extensive Elken network represents a mutually beneficial partnership of more than 300,000 enthusiastic independent distributors in 7 countries, with more partners joining us every day. Significantly, the amazing ELKEN marketing plan enables a distributor to accrue wealth and health faster than any other.

Through Elken, you will have unlimited opportunities to capture a market as big as the world of more than 1,352 million people.

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Elken Series Products:

1. Elken Spirulina

2. Celjoy – Call a halt to joint degeneration

3. Kington Life Plasma – providing body with essential trace elements

4. Fitorac – 7 food colour groups

5. Ester-C 500 Plus – Vitamin C

6. CalMax – Lonised Calcium Using Electrolysis

7. EPA DHA – Fish oil



You Name It, I Have It!