No Wastage While You Cook

VEES Marketing is taking the kitchen industry by storm, recently launching its first electric cooker that comes with three burners. Allowing you to cook three dishes at one time, the all-new Vees Trio Delicooker is a product created based on customers’ feedback.

The three heat-inducing rings have four combination of heating power to provide wider choices of thermal speeds to facilitate various cooking techniques.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe left burner has heating power up to 1,800 watts (for boiling), the middle burner up to 1,200 watts (for steaming) and the right burner up to 2.200 watts (for frying). The 9-level heat controlling system of this delicooker enables you to have more precise heat handling and at the same time, cook with full control.

Made with German technology, this delicooker is designed to reduce the consumption of energy with its automatic heat control system. This electric stove turns off automatically when the temperature reaches the desired level and turns up the heat when the temperature falls below the preset level. This function helps to prevent wastage of electric power while you cook.

A normal cooker works using a shared panel but with the delicooker, every burner comes equipped with a dedicated digital timer. The digital timer automation allows easier operations with a timer range of five minutes to eight hours. it makes cooking trouble-free with less monitoring.

The delicooker is also safe to use. Its safety lock helps maintain the cooking setting at all times. It will automatically switch off after 90minutes when it senses that the burners are not in operation. To notify users that the burner is still hot, a sensor light will start blinking to warn you.

Another smart safety measure is the durable glass top. The German-made Schott Ceran glass ceramic panel is manufactured under the high quality heat resistant system to allow long hours of cooking. Users can also opt for a protector frame as an additional accessory.

The Vees Trio Delicooker is suitable for most types of pots – be it clay pot, glass, ceramic, stainless steel or steel. You can even place huge pots on it due to its wide horizontal layout. To ensure longer lifespan of the delicooker, a V-shape ventilation is incorporated to protect the main circuit board and the control panel, ensuring that the heat does not destroy the technology.

The Vees Trio Delicooker is certified by international safety standards such as SIRIM, Safety Mark from Singapore, and CB to name a few. For detail, call 03-58821628 or visit