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Detox Your Body

January 28th, 2011

Total Image In ancient China, empresses were touted for their superb porcelain-like skin – thanks to the wisdom of court physicians and their chronicled studies on plant properties.

The Total Image company has come up with a tea which is 100% plant-derived, and promises to impress even the most skeptical of beauty enthusiast.

A single tea bag offers:

  • Detoxification benefits
  • To enhance the skin’s resilience to oxidation and free radicals
  • Gradual lightening of skin tone
  • Revivification of overall skin health

It contains five wee-documented herbs: Folium Cassia Angustifolia, Flos Chrysanthemum  Morifolium (chrysanthemum), Semen Cassia Obtusifolia, Rhizoma Alisma Oriante and Radix Glycyrrhiza Uralensis. The skin will appear fairer, more supple, have better moisture and the appearance of scars will reduce.

It helps lessen pigment intensity, and assist in decelerating normal skin aging with its free, radical-fighting phytochemicals. Malnutrition, exposure to UV light, hormonal and metabolism imbalance and myriad of causes lead to the production of free radicals in our body, which forms the foundation of pigmentation. The tea also releases high amount of vitamin E, licoflavones quercetin and other natural active compounds to help fight the negative effect of scavenging free radicals and oxidation, reduces unwanted superoxide anions, slows skin cell aging and reduces the formation and deepening of existing fine lines.

Two of its main ingredients, Flos Chrysanthemum Morifolium and Semen Cassia Obtusifolia, are renowned sources of Vitamin E.

Chrysanthemum has been hailed since ancient time in China as an important herb that beautifies the skin. It was said that Empress Dowager Cixi often drank chrysanthemum to sustain her youthful looks.

Take the teabag from Total Image and put it in hot water 25 to 30 minutes. Each sachet is good for two infusions. Individuals may consume one or two sachets a day. You will start to feel your skin getting smoother, finer, more translucent and supple after consuming the tea continuously for two or three weeks. You may feel the need to visit lavatory usually six to eight hours after consuming each sachet.

Should you experience any discomfort like abdominal paint, vomiting or nausea, kindly consult a doctor. Produced under strict supervision by HACCP, GMP and ISO-certified manufacturer, this 100% HALAL product by Total Image can be found in Watsons, Caring Pharmacies and selected independent pharmacies nationwide. For more detail visit:



You Name It, I Have It!