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Creating multiple sources of income

March 13th, 2012

IN a survey on income levels in Malaysia polled by Mastery Asia involving over 600 respondents, it was found that 72.57% of them have only one source of income and 70.22% will have financial difficulties if they don’t go to work tomorrow. But 73.98% of the respondents agree that financial re-education is a priority.

Many people have the misconception that only the rich can build multiple sources of income. They also think that you need to have a lot of money to build multiple sources of income. These are all false beliefs because there are many alternatives to building your own multiple source of income.

Back in the 1970s, a normal Malaysian family had no problem with having only one income stream to live comfortably. After the last few economic downturns, we know better. And so we must learn from the past, make necessary changes and plan for the future. The reality today is that no one person should depend on a singular source of income. Anyone can lose their job anytime. That is why in business or if you are employed with only one salary source, it is vital to build a couple more income sources. This will help grow your financial nett worth, buffer you from significant income loss if one source disappears, and accelerate your objective of being financially free.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you start today, you can become rich, prosperous and financially free. Creating multiple stream of income is the foundation of wealth and financial independence. So during this economic recovery period, there is a need for us to invest in our own learning experience so that we can start working on a “recession-proof” plan for the future.

MasteryAsiaMost people who try to make more money end up “buying” themselves another job. It is another source of income no doubt, but it is neither passive income nor a money-making machine. All you need is to understand these things a little better and the decisions you make can be better and the financial results more forthcoming. However, you must be willing to learn.

There are many ways of creating multiple stream of income. Passive income is the best because after the initial set-up, a passive income source will generate money for you all the time, and will require little maintenance.

It provides great tips on living fruitfully and making your way to financial freedom. This is a summit that gives you actual and handy strategies on unleashing a steady flow of multiple incomes.

MasteryAsia started this series of events last year and continues to organize it with the mission to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) and Kidney Dialysis Foundation of Singapore (KDF). This unique and exciting event,

Six experts are coming together in Malaysia to show how this can be done and for just one purpose – to lay out real pathways to creating wealth for ordinary people. The speakers include:

  • RH Investment Services Ltd founder Richard Hull,
  • Money Mastery founder K.C. See,
  • Property investor, best-selling author, master trainer and coach Renesial Leong
  • Stocks and options expert Terrance Tan
  • NetProfitQuest founder Willy Lim,
  • Certified professional trainer Jessica See who focuses on persuasive communication and stress management

Come learn the secrets of wealth creating opportunities from the experts and help raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia.

Tickets are being sold online at RM50 each. For ticket purchase or details, call 603-9059 6218 or visit

Online registration:

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You Name It, I Have It!