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Cordyceps The Magical Healing Mushroom

July 9th, 2012

The natural key to stronger lungs, higher energy levels, a better sex life, and much more!

As you might already know, Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom known worldwide for its potent medicinal properties. Wild Cordyceps is called Dong Cong Xia Cao by the Chinese, which means “winter worm, summer plant.” Why does it have this unique name?

During winter, the Cordyceps fungi start feeding on the innards of worms that have burrowed into the ground. Then when summer comes, the Cordyceps fungi sprout out of the worms and into plants resembling blades of grass.

Among the various kinds of Cordyceps available, wild Cordyceps has proven to be the superior tonic for lifelong health and vitality, so it’s best to avoid inferior substitutes.

CordycepsBoosts Your Strength, Stamina, And Overall Performance !

In 1993, sports fans were stunned when the Chinese track team set NINE world records at the Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Germany. How did they achieve this amazing athletic success? According to their coach, it was their regular consumption of Cordyceps.

Cordyceps gained international acclaim that day – and its global popularity continues. With this organic remedy in your daily routine, you can strengthen your body… improve your organ function… boost your immunity… increase your longevity… and perform at a much higher level in any physical endeavor!

Dramatically Increases Your Lung Power!

In TCM, Cordyceps invigorates the lung meridian and has been used for centuries to ensure optimal health for both the lungs and the respiratory tract. Cordyceps is commonly prescribed for health complaints like asthma… coughs… weak lungs… wheezing… shortness of breath… and excess phlegm.

Cordyceps also increases endurance by strengthening the entire respiratory system. This is particularly valuable for people who perform manual labor or participate in high intensity exercise. lt’s no wonder the Chinese track team performed so well at the 1993 World Championships. They had the added power that comes from a regular dose of Cordyceps!

Reduces Stress And Fights Fatigue !

Cordyceps is the perfect tonic for a busy and stressful lifestyle. It offers that additional energy boost we all need during the day. In fact, Cordyceps provides an additional 30% useful energy for people who take it consistently.

What is the science behind this? Cordyceps increases your cellular energy (also known as ATP) … improves your utilization of oxygen. and assists in the proper transport of nutrients to your entire body. The result? You don’t feel as tired during the day and you sleep better at night… you stay calm and comfortable instead of feeling anxious all the time… and you essentially put an end to your stress and fatigue

Improves Sexual Potency!

Cordyceps is one of the best natural aphrodisiacs in the world when compared to other well-known remedies. In fact, it’s one of the most effective and popular tonics for improving libido, sexual desire, and performance in men.

The benefits of Cordyceps were first discovered 1,500 years ago when cowherds up in the Tibetan mountains observed their cattle becoming more energetic and f riskier afier eating this tiny mushroom.

According to TCM, Cordyceps fortifies your kidney channel. Which improves your sexual libido… enhances your sexual performance… boosts your sexual energy… and increases your sexual endurance. Cordyceps is also used to treat erectile dysfunction, infertility and impotence. Studies performed at Beijing University demonstrated that Cordyceps has a 64% success rate for men suffering from impotence.

Cordyceps Has Even More Positive Health Effects!

Prevents premature aging! In TCM, Cordyceps is popularly used as an anti-aging tonic. It promotes total body rejuvenation and restores your vital strength after mental or physical exertion. The result is greater health in the short-term and increased longevity overall.

Increases antioxidants! Research confirms that Cordyceps increases the activities of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant in your body. This boost in SOD helps eliminate harmful free radicals and the degenerative diseases that are usually associated with them.

Improves cardiovascular health! Cordyceps has been proven to increase HDL (good) cholesterol… lower LDL (bad) cholesterol… and prevent the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol. It also thins your blood to prevent the formation of deadly blood clots or blockages.

Boosts your immune system! Traditionally, Cordyceps has been used to strengthen the body’s defenses against infections. Recent clinical studies have confirmed the role of Cordyceps as a strong immune-booster and immune regulator inside your body.

Banishes viruses and bacteria! Cordyceps has powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Based on scientific studies, Cordyceps sinensis has FOUR TIMES the amount compared to other kinds of Cordyceps and has recently been used in the battle against AIDs.

Quality And Safety Matters !

The secret to Cordyceps potency lies in these active components – Adenosine, Cordycepin, Ethyl-Adenosine, Adenine, Polysaccharides, Glucans, and most importantly Hydroxyethyl-Adenosine (HEAA). In addition to having a good spectrum of active components, the most effective form of Cordyceps is derived from the wild and grown in low oxygen levels at extreme cold temperatures.

Many of the Cordyceps on the market are cultivated by man, and if their growth environment does not exactly replicate the natural habitat of wild Cordyceps, the yield will be of inferior grade and the potency will be questionable.

Wild cordyceps is so rare, it’s actually more valuable by weight than gold. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous sellers boost their profits by increasing the weight of their wild Cordyceps. They do this by inserting lead rods into the mushrooms, which causes lead poisoning in the people who consume it.

Lead poisoning can cause kidney and brain damage, nervous system breakdown, poor muscle coordination, hypertension, decreased bone and muscle development, hearing, speech and language problems, and retarded intellectual growth in children. Imagine giving that to your asthmatic kid! That’s why it’s always important to buy wild Cordyceps from a highly respected, reputable source. This ensures top quality and safety.

Aloha Organic Cordyceps Over 350% The Potency OfWild Cordyceps

Aloha Medicinals, USA, is the world’s only producer of Hybrid Cordyceps srnensls who exactly replicates the low oxygen, low temperature conditions found during the growing season in Nepal and Tibet at 18,000 {eet (5,400 meters) elevation – growing Cordyceps just like Nature intended.

Aloha Cordyceps has exactly the same active composition as wild Cordyceps (including the whole spectrum of Adenosine, Cordycepin. Ethyl-Adenosine, Adenine, Polysaccharides, Glucans and HEAA) but with over 350% the potency. Just imagine what this unique organic remedy can do for your health!



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