KINETICO whole-house water filters

KINETICO whole-house water filters and water softeners give you fast, powerful and efficient performance with high flow rates throughout your house. The system is flexible and also saves on water. Its products include:

  1. Kinetico Whole-House Water Filters with Overdrive Series provide clean water by removing suspended solids. It is a clever self-cleaning system, which does the backwashing automatically, as well as non-electric operation with two filtration tanks providing filtered water 24/7 even during backwash.
  2. Kinetico Water Softeners give you the best quality water in your home with clean, soft water.
  3. Kinetico MACH Series Combination Treatment System is the best solution for your entire home for multiple contaminants.
  4. Purefecta Drinking Water Purifier delivers the highest quality biopure water right from your own tap.

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