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Clean kitchen minus greasy fumes

March 27th, 2012

FANCY an oil-free kitchen during this festive season? Fujihome has a complete range of sophisticated oil-tech cooker hoods that come with extensive factory control and worldwide recognition specially designed for Asian cooking.

A good cooker hood should have:-

i) a good condensation and oil filtration system.

ii) low noise level (< 50db).

iii) fire prevention panels.

iv) efficient grease filters.

v) proper accessible oiltray compartment.

Manufactured by Fuji Industrial Co Ltd in Japan, Fujioh Oil-Tech Cooker Hoods has been an established brand in the Japanese market for more than 60 years, having produced more than 100 million units of cooker hoods since. Fujioh new or upgraded models FXP 9900 and FXP 9800 comes with an efficienry of up to 96% that certainly makes cooking a breeze.

Fujihome Steam Oven

The immediate and intensive exchange of heat ensures that food is heated very quickly and sealed instantly to retain all the vitamins, colour and natural flavour. As food is not immersed in water, there is no loss of nutrients and natural colour. Fujihome steam oven offers you the chance to enjoy healthy, nutritious food with its new steam oven in two versions – built in or freestanding.

Steam cooking is-ideal for gentle cooking of vegetables, fish, meat or casseroles. Food can also be defrosted and reheated in this steam oven.

Cooking times are programmable. Once the required heating up phase has been completed, the actual cooking time begins and the time remaining appears in the display. The steam oven comes with user-friendly electronic controls with touch or press mechanism and a large clear text display. A message in the display will even remind you when the water needs to be refilled and also indicates the end of the cooking time.

The Steam Oven will make preparing a complete meal for a whole family easy. As well as achieving exceptional cooking results, there is no limit to what a Fujihome steam oven can do – defrosting, reheating or stewing. Fujihome’s new steam oven model FBI 2699 is a recommended item.

Fujihome Global Berhad is the sole distributor for Fujihome, Fujioh, Ariafina, Fujiton, Anna Rozie And Flaminia with products ranging from cooker hoods, built-in gas hobs, built in ovens, ceramic hobs, induction hobs, steam ovens, wine cellars etc.

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You Name It, I Have It!