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Clean and Clear Water

March 11th, 2012

Top Deluxe Limited CompanyESTABLISHED in 1995, the Top Deluxe Limited Company specialises in water treatment and filtration systems. The company’s experience, good reputation and expertise makes it a reputable water purification consultant in water treatment.

Headquartered in Selangor, Top Deluxe has its own factory in Thailand. It uses the SUS304 grade of stainless steel imported from Finland and raw material filters imported from the United States.

Based on strict production specifications, the multi-level filtration backwash system ensures clean and filtered water safer for human consumption. Using a single sheet of stainless steel to form the vessel before it is welded, the entire vessel is sprayed with Jotun food grade protective paint, and the opening is sealed.

The five-core filtration system contains high quality elements such as activated carbon, anthracite, sand and gravel. It s performance is better than the seven and nine-core filtration system. The Top Deluxe multi-level filtration backwash system has obtained he Department of Occupational Safety and Health certificate after strict testing of product quality.

Top Deluxe has a vast distribution network. It is also an original component supplier to many well-known brands. Top Deluxe specialises in purifying raw river water and semi-processed water into drinkable water meeting the standards of the World Health Organization.

Top Deluxe is a one-stop water treatment company. All projects and after-sales service are carried out by trained staff. With raw material sourced from the original manufacturer or produced from its own factory, cost is stable and quality control consistent ensuring reasonable charges. In line with its pragmatic approach and dedication, the company is determined to maintain a high profile. Top Deluxe provides reliable water treatment services and promises client satisfaction.

The company is a manufacturer, importer and exporter and its products include: Water dispensing system (for offices, factories, households, restaurants, 3 and 5-gallon empty bottles and 3,4,5-gallon bottles with tap); Filter media (activated carbon, anthracite sand, quartz sand, resin, fine sand, manganese (Zeolit) and manganese (Greensand); Machinery (vending machine, alkaline system, water pump, reverse osmosis system).

Top Deluxe is one of the leading and most established water treatment solution providers in Malaysia. With over 15 years of experience and a team of highly experienced professionals renowned institutions to provide the ultimate water treatment solution.

Top Deluxe offers customized water treatment system and every Top Deluxe’s water treatment system is designed and built with client satisfaction in mind.

TOP DELUXE Sdn Bhd (336810-v)
111, Jln Cokmar 1, Tmn Mutiara Bukit Raja, Off Jln Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
TEL: 012-2788 278 or  603-33441039  or  603-33449939 or Email:



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