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6) Lens hood
The primary perform of the lens hood is to stop stray light-weight from getting into the lens because it extends and shade the front of the lens. This is often very true if you shoot within the direction of the sun, inflicting unwanted artifacts in your image like lens flare, decrease distinction and image degradation.

By employing a lens hood, you’ll conjointly get the additional advantage of lens protection from any accidental impact or bumps. Accidental touches and scratches also are reduced. However, lens hood square measure solely sometimes used once you shoot outdoors underneath bright daylight or shoot underneath extreme lighting condition as protection once more impact is secondary.

Summary of benefits of lens hood:
1) cut back unwanted flare
2) Richer colour/deeper saturation, improved distinction
3) Protection from impact or accidental touches/scratches
4) With a lens hood, several argue that you just don’t have to be compelled to use a ultraviolet illumination filter (which may degrade your pictures somewhat)

7) Batteries
One instrumentality that’s typically unnoticed is that the reversible batteries employed in DSLR (or any electronic devices actually). The foremost common reversible battery these days square measure Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries that, like several alternative rechargeable, have an explicit life.

Important : I used to be terribly stunned to search out out concerning crucial vital facts on Li-Ion batteries. Please scan on the main points of Li-ion batteries below, within the “D) Li-Ion battery packs” section.

8) dynamic  lenses
Most DSLR users (including noobs!) can sometimes have additional lenses than they are doing cameras. As such, lens dynamic  is ineluctable. As we have a tendency to all grasp, there’s forever an opportunity that dirt will get into the camera whenever you alter lenses. Here square measure some tips to cut back this risk once you amendment your lens:

  1. Minimize lens dynamic  if potential
  2. Amendment your lenses before you leave e.g. to the beach
  3. Avoid dirty  places
  4. Close up camera
  5. Purpose your camera down – such as you need to require image of the bottom ten feet away (no have to be compelled to purpose directly downwards!)
  6. Amendment whereas the camera is on a rack
  7. Keep your back to the wind

9) wet condensation
Be careful if you are taking your DSLR directly from a chilly to a heat place as this could cause wet condensation outside yet as within your camera e.g. from AN air-condition area to outdoors, from automotive to outside. An extreme example is just like the time you are taking out a will of sentimental drink from the electric refrigerator and leave it on the table. You’ll see beads of water forming on the will in no time!

The condensation could cause a malfunction of the camera and conjointly promote fungi growth.
To prevent this, you’ll do some things BEFORE you are taking it to a heat environment:

  1. Seal your camera during a bag (e.g. Ziplock bag or perhaps traditional plastic bag) and permit it to adapt to conditions at the new location.
  2. Keep your camera/lens in your camera bag and let it heat up step by step.
  3. If you bought none of the on top of, some even use towels!

The key purpose is that you just need your camera to step by step heat up to a similar temperature as it’s encompassing setting. Sony brochure mentioned that you just truly might need to attend up to an hour betting on condition! the upper the temperature distinction, the longer you’d ought to wait.

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