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Can not SLEEP

September 9th, 2012

Can not sleep, stress and in bad emotion

Work and life are stressed and can’t sleep well at night? Need pill help for better sleep? Relationship problem and keep think on it … emotion keep unhappy and not able sleep.

Anyway, if you happen unhappy, too stress, bad emotion keep going on, keep thinking of negative things. Finally I found the solution and would like share with you.

Why I keep think negatively and unhappy?

This is the real game on how and why all beings continue in the re-birth cycle, due to have a special thing called “Thought”. Thought – His work is to influence you, influence for happiness, unhappy, doing the right thing, or hurting others. In human world, some stupid people call it as Angel and Devil, but it’s not, it is “Thought”. His work it to enable you doing both good and bad things, only then you will have both types of karma and re-born for next life. That’s why even you are the riches person in the world, but still sometime you will be unhappy or what you want but you will never get it.

The reason why you keep thinking negatively and unhappy is due to the bad karma energy for thought is mature and stronger. This causing the thought keeps producing unhappy stories, and makes you more angry and unhappy.

Dhamma Talk - Good Sleep

Why Emotion Karma?

As we know that most of the thing happen will have a reason on behind, for emotional karma it mean one of your previous life shall have bad thinking and want to hurt somebody, or make some being in suffer especially mental suffer. These are the root for the emotional karma.

How to Stop think negatively?

While with the human body, there are 2 things for us, but only one will be working each time. They are “Thought” and “Feeling”, again, only one of them can working each time. With thought you lost the feeling, with feeling there is no thought. Get the idea?

Feeling mean feel your body, understand how it work, where your left hand, where your right leg, when you’re breathing… know every moving on and in your body with every moment. But this is hard, because you have not enlightened yet. So the easier ways for stronger feeling is to EXERCISE.

Exercise will able you be more in feeling, and once you feel more on your body you will have less thought. Example, when a person running, he can feel his heart pumping, stronger the feeling, he/she will not think of other problem. This is the reason why some people like to have marathon run, yoga, dancing, swimming and more. While my self like to be in Vipassana Meditation.

Along the way

Even my self, sometime I still struggler in the Bad Karma for thought, this causing my emotion going up and unhappy. I tried many ways to reduce or stop the emotion karma, but I fail to do it. I know feeling can overcome the thought, I use the fingers touching, know which fingers touching which fingers, but still will out of control by emotion after some small times of fingers touching.

I tried using the prayer beads, using finger to move the bead one by one, but still same. Lastly, a better one is using two small balls (6cm diameter), put on my palm and slowly rotating them without falling, by doing this, more awareness is needed. This is useful when you are at some where with lots people, especially in office.

Good Sleep and Good Life

After some times for searching the solution, finally I get the right solution which will help you better in sleep or easy to sleep. Download below MP3, it is a Dhamma Talk from my master, he will guide you a special method call “clapping your hands”. You need to follow the clapping in the MP3 in order to be mindful and reduce the emotion karma. It only takes you for first10 minutes in the MP3, after that you can have a good rest in night. If you feel want to learn more, you can continue listen the MP3, it is about 2 hours long Dhamma Talk.

Download MP3 here:

If you feel it is helpful, please print this or forward it to your friend to help them.

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