You Name It, I Have It!



July 7th, 2012

B’s Action Chefs

The media has definitely played a part in introducing the element of showmanship into the food and beverage industry. In the past, chefs were forgotten beings, confined behind closed doors in hot, greasy kitchens. Now, kitchens have literally come to the front of the house, sitting right smack among diners. As for chefs, they are now part of an elite circle of celebrities.

B’s at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel, an all-day diner overlooking the Putrajaya Lake and set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens, is an example of the new crop of art deco restaurants who have jumped on the ‘celebrity chef wagon by pushing their kitchen staff to the forefront.

B's at Pullman

Diners can sit at the Chefs Table for a chance to exchange cooking secrets and recipes. Unlike the past when recipes and food preparation methods were closely guarded, the Chefs Table symbolizes a new movement in the food industry. United in bringing uncompromising quality to diners, this feature is a bid to educate consumers on the origin and usage of each ingredient used.

For those who like a bit of action, there is the Teppanyaki Corner where the preparation of each meal is likened to a little culinary show by itself. On busy nights, knives and spatulas are rumored to fly as the chefs get into the momentum of things. Since its inception, the Teppanyaki Corner has been a training ground for the hotel’s chef brigade to engage with the diner and to hear first-hand, their culinary preferences.

With an a la carte menu featuring authentic Asian and Western delights and its offering of sumptuous buffet spreads, the food presentation is undecidedly stylish. Since B’s clientele are business people on the go, they might find common ground in the neat arrangement of the baguette slices, right down to the pristine leaves of salad sticking out from the bread.

B’s could also is a draw for the aspiring student chef. This may be one place where he can train for a career in Television. B’s at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside 2, Jalan 5/5, Presint 5, Putrajaya. TEL 03-8890 0000



You Name It, I Have It!