BP Anjung Indah Thai Cuisine

BP Anjung Indah is a Thai cuisine located in Penang Balik Pulau. At the restaurant, you can enjoy the nice penang city view and sunset when you dine in at evening time. BP Anjung Indah is a family type restaurant, and it’s serving delicious authentic Thai food and you can also celebrate life, revelry, and company over the wonders of sizzling Thai cuisine! Thai’s novelty lies in traditional cooking set against and exquisite dining ambience. The resident chefs with culinary experience; have brought the real science of traditional Thai cooking with ingénue recipes and authentic Thai ingredients to the fore. Intrigue your curiosity and satiate your craving at our friendly neighborhood restaurant.

BP Anjung Indah Thai Cuisine
Lot 239, Permadangan Indah, Jalan Tun Sardon,Mukim 6, 11000 Balik Pulau,Penang.


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