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Born Smart Born Talent

August 11th, 2012

In school, why some students are smart and can easily memorize and understand what teachers or books are saying?

In working, why some colleagues are so talent and with leadership skill?

As a parent we do hope our kids will be dragon or phoenix and be the best one, but how?

Base on human world, people believe it is nature if a person is born smart, can study, or talent in something. It is just like born rich, and giving the stupid idea on “today if you are not rich it is not your fault, but if you die poor it is your problem” – the idea influence or motivate people, but never give the right way or guide.

Born Smart

Base on the previous chapter guide, we know that to be rich, we need donate money. To be healthy and long life, we need let go animal for freedom.

Now to be Smart, off cause you need to donate something relate to knowledge or wisdom. But how can you do it, easy, just buy some well educate books and give to some one who will read it. This will help you gain the Karma of Wisdom or Smart!

Born Smart Born Talent


My self is a worse student when I was in secondary school time, my result is bad and my English is only 30 marks at that time, and I hate English. But I am lucky enough to accidentally do the right thing base on Nature Law and gain my Wisdom Karma. At that time, I am worried about my future, because my result is such bad and I am born in poor family. I have no idea what to do for my future. Luckily at that time, my brother brought me a book call “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

After reading the book, I get confident, courage and believe I can make something different in my life, and I am able to become rich in businessmen. Due to I appreciate the book so much, I bought many of this book and giving it free for my friends. It was about 12 years ago, at that time, this book cost RM8. And I bought about 13 of the books and give them to my friends for free. Still remember I said I born in poor family? Yes, this is my hard saving money, but I am happy to spend it for the books and give to others. Remember my guide on calculating for karma in article “The Real Good Luck”? The book may let me earn 1 mark, due to it is my hard saving money, I earn 10 marks, and I give other as happily, I earn another 10 marks. After the multiply calculation, I get 100 marks, and this enabling my Wisdom Karma growing fast!

And now I have complete my university studied and there is no problem for me to read a thick English book or even conversation with US or UK people.

Case story 2:

My niece do not like to attend the kindergarten class. Every time when she wanna go to the class, she will cry heavily and this cause hardtime to my brother and sister in law. But luckily my brother know the Nature Law, he bring his daughter to the orphanage and pass her daughter the colour pencil, exercise books, and even “Peter and Jane” story books and request her give it for the children. Not only my niece is happy, the children are also happy.

Now what the calculation? The items may be get her 1 mark, but due too she still small, and giving items to other is almost impossible to happen, this able her get … may be 8 marks, and she happily give others and get 10 marks. After multiply, she earn 80 marks. Later than, there is no longer a problem for her to study in kindergarten class, and sometimes she even able find books to read by herself.

Remind Again

Remember, everything is just energy, it will come an end. Everyone must die, even this Wisdom Karma, it will end after some time. This is just like why some smart student ahead for suicide because of not satisfied on the result, love issue or something we feel stupid. To maintain the wisdom energy, you need continue donate or do more on wisdom relate karma.

Born Talent

Like some music star with super talent on music? It’s excellent to see the sport star having his/her best performance.

Same, people will still consider Talent is born base on natural. In realistic, there is Karma on behind.

How it work?

Same, for example, a music teacher, although she might teach student music or piano as her work. Due to she teach the student by her heart, and carefully nicely teaching them. By doing so, this able her keep the music talent karma, once it mature, she will become a music talent or music star. Overall, do your best to teach as more as possible by your heart, as it will reward you once the karma matured.



You Name It, I Have It!