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BioTHIk Help Conceal Thinning Hair

February 1st, 2011

Thicker hair

I Spend fair bit on good hair care shampoo as I fear losing hair,” says Mark Chang, 34, a young bank executive who began to worry when he noticed his receding hairline. “I’m religious about my hair regime and take the time out to put hair masks on my scalp. It may seem uncool, but nothing can be less cool than losing hair. Now that really gives me the chills.”

Says Charlie Yeong, 64, a retired chief executive officer: “Having a bald patch is ugly for menand women. I don’t want it on myself. Growing older does make your hair fall out more so I the effort to use proper hair care products to ensure I look good all through my golden years.

“It’s a superficial world,” complain engineer Hector Yan, 32. “Girls these days are placing more attention on looks. I can have a great personality and earn a decent income, but I doubt my chances are great if I walk around with sparse hair.”

Thick, healthy hair is seen as assign of vitality. However, our modern lifestyle of high stress levels, processed food lack of nutrients and daily exposure to synthetics weaken our immune system and thus, affect healthy hair growth.

Te good news is that there are solutions. There is an array of hair centres and products that claim overcome hair thinning. The down side is that this therapies often require time and patience. You need to be willing to wait months and sometimes over a year to see results. If you cannot wait, there is an instant solution: BioTHIK, the 30-second solution.

BioTHIk Hair Building Fiber and BioTHIK Fiber Locking Mist are two high quality products that help conceal thinning hair and bald patch immedietly. Based on Us technology, it is make from natural ingredients and is friendly to the health of your scalp. It gives volume and hide bald spots. Sprinkle the fibre on your and mist for hold! From sparse to thick hair in 30 seconds, that’s how effective this hair system is.

“I don’t care what people say, BioTHIK gives me the confidence I need. I can continue with my hair therapies and nourish my scalp and now have ahead full of hair. There is no need to show the world I have a sparse spot. When my hair eventually grows out, people will never know my little secret,’ says Chang.

The hair looks natural so no one will ever know. BioTHIK is designed to give you a new lease of life if your lack of hair has been cramping your style. Walk with your head high and socialize confidently. Do not worry if someone hovers above your head, BioTHIks Hair Building Fiber is made of fibre that closely resembles hair texture.

As long as you have thinning hair, it stick to your existing hair and gives you a full head of hair. The Locking Mist works to lock in and hold the fibre in place all day. The fibre however does not work on completely bald spots, as there are hairs to attach on.

The BioTHIk Hair Building Fiber is heaven-sent to people who are self-conscious about that spot on the crown of their head. If you wish to hide such a problem, this product will do wonders. The superior wind and sweat-resistant fibre will ensure that it stays on no matter how vigorously you move. You can use this with your existing hair care product without worrying about any side effects.

The BioTHIk Hair Building Fiber comes in eight different colours: black, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, auburn, dark blonde, ligt blonde and grey. BioTHIK is owned by T-Biomax, a company that specializes in hair thinning care. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, they have now come up with BioTHIK, a high quality product range that can help peoplr with hair thinning woes.

BioTHIK products are sold at hair salons.

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