You Name It, I Have It!


Bhante Suvanno

August 26th, 2014

For people who know Hokkien, especially Penang people, this is a good opportunity to learn the original Dhamma talk in Hokkian by Bhante Suvanno.

Why I recommend you to listen Bhante Suvanno teaching? Bhante Dhamma talk not only humor but with very detail explanation with our daily life activities.

For my opinion, Bhante share a lots Dhamma by story which able us easy to understand Dhamma theory. After listen to Bhante Dhamma talk as well follow the guide, you will able enlighten by doing Dana, Sila and Meditation which also improve your wisdom.

Bhante Suvanno short Hokkian Dhamma Talk:

  1. Not Stop Other Doing Good 不要阻他人行善佈施
  2. How To Be Beautiful 如何变美丽
  3. Why Born Rich 为何出生在富有家庭
  4. Can Killing Business Person Be A Buddhism? 从事杀生业者可以成为佛教徒吗?
  5. Correct Ways for Doing Dana 正确的佈施方法
  6. Transfer Merits 功德回向
  7. Buddhist Step by Step 佛教徒一步一脚印
  8. Born Stupid, part 1 天生白痴 (一)

  9. Self Motivate Dana 自动自发的佈施
  10. Weakness Dana 最弱的佈施
  11. Why Rich People Can Suddenly Bankrupt? 为何富者会突然破产?
  12. Two Types of Meditator 两种禅修者
  13. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu 善哉 善哉 善哉
  14. GHOST 鬼
  15. Why Nowadays You Never See God / AngKong / Deva
  16.  and more…

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You Name It, I Have It!