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Beautiderme Marketing

October 7th, 2011

Beautiderme Marketing

Hermippe is designed for the reduction and prevention of facial wrinkles and overall improvement of skin vitality with ergonomically designed to flow gently over the contours of the face. It works best in conjunction with any type of water-soluble skincare products. It will automatically operate once the massager head comes in contact with the skin surface.

Hermippe possesses emotional technology. Automatic adjustment according to skin conditions and the amount of lotions/mask. A strong vibration is generated if a  large volume of lotion/mask is detected. This improves the effectiveness of the lotion/mask absorption rate deep into the skin)

Product Effectiveness

1. Wrinke and nutrition care (ion induction effect)

2. Vibration massage effect (physical induction effect using inute vibration)

3. The massage head is specially designed for wrinkle areas around the eyes, mouth, and nose.

4. A compact size (10cm) to accompany your cosmetics.

5. Absorption increased by 30% compared by using hand.

Product Efficacies

1. Provides a deep level of skin cleansing

2. Diminish age spots and sun spots

3. Improves skin texture and complexion

4. Supplies moist and nutrient in the cellular level

5. Accelerated the skins metabolism

6. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles

7. Minimize the appearance of imperfections

Beautiderme Marketing
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You Name It, I Have It!