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Banish the Cold

January 27th, 2011

There are times when you do not want to catch a cold.

Banish the ColdWhen you are having an important occasion, such as an important business meeting, a major examination, or having your wedding, it is distressing to have runny nose or to be sneezing the whole day.

When you have a weak immune system, you can catch a cold. The symptoms range from sneezing to runny nose, and having a sore throat or cold. Those susceptible to developing a cold are the young and the elderly, especially those on long term medication for conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

So, to protect yourself against a cold, you need to strengthen your immune system through various ways. The most effective is using a unique German herbal combination containing Thuja and Baptista. This combination has been proven to protect you from catching a cold as it has been used by German doctors for over 50 years. Its effectiveness in strengthening the immune system is supported by more than 20 clinical papers.

Other formulations that can help strengthen your immune system in combination with this German herbal combination are probiotics under the brand name Imustrong. This pribiotics works through the intestine where about 70% of your immune system resides. It is to be taken daily.

When your are on a holiday or on a pilgrimage, changes in the weather air travel tend to increase your stress levels, resulting in a weakened immune system. Examinations are stressful for your child. This may temporally weakened his immune system too.

“My son was showing the first few signs of the common cold while he was preparing for his major exam,” explain housewife Helen Lim (not her real name),”Obviously, I was concerned. After finding out about this German herbal formulation which can prevent one from catching a cold and at the same time strengthen the immune system, I gave it to him. Needless to say, it works! He was healthy throughout the whole examination period.”

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You Name It, I Have It!