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Backpack for Your Child

January 16th, 2011

Choose the right backpack for your child

WITH the number of extracurricular activities and classes today, backpacks can become extremely heavy and cause children discomfort and pain. However, with some research and education, parents can find a suitable solution to ensure their children remain comfortable, healthy and happy each school day.

Point to consider when buying a schoolbag:

  • Buy a backpack with a well make spinal protection back panel, which helps to re-distribute weight evenly.
  • Purchase bag with wide, padded and adjustable shoulder straps. Padded straps help adsorb the load.
  • Buy a backpack with a adjustable shoulder/waist strap. This will mean that the weight of the full backpack will rest on the child’s pelvis rather than the shoulder or spine.
  • Be sure the backpack is the right size. The bag should not be wider or longer than the child’s torso.
  • Don’t try to save money by buying the biggest pack to last through college. Buy one that is appropriate to the child’s size. It is also recommended that bag loads should be limited to less than 15% of the child’s body weight to prevent back pain.

With IMPACT Ergo-Comfort spinal backpacks, you can ease the burden of young backs.

IMPACT Ergo-Comfort spinal backpacks

The Orthopedic Spinal Protection System/3D Spinal Protection Panel is an innovative back-care system which supports the exact contour of the back and effectively re-distributes weight equally on the surface of the back. It is endorsed and recommended by the International Spinal Institute and The Chiropractic Association of Singapore.

With padded, detachable waist or chest belts also help distribute the weight more evenly by stabilizing the bag’s swinging motion and bring it closer to the user’s back and waist area.

Well-ventilated cushioned groove backing and wide padded backpack straps provide stress-free support to the shoulder. Kids will automatically stand up straight and tall when using the bag, which means good posture.

Other fantastic features include an adjustable mesh side pocket for water bottle, E-Z parachute rings for easy and quick adjustment of shoulder belts and 3M-Scotchlite reflective material for better night visibility. Make of high quality nylon material, it is also UV protective and water-resistant.

The models available here are the IPEG 071, IPEG 072 and IPEG O73, which is suitable for kids up to 145cm tall. For taller kids or upper teens, the recommended model is IPEG 062. All designs come in three colours – pink, red and navy blue.

IMPACT backpacks are sold at major department stores in the Klang Valley. Online orders with free delivery (except for East Malaysia) are also possible. Visit for details or call the hotline at 016-221 3234.



You Name It, I Have It!