You Name It, I Have It!



April 19th, 2012


Tired of spending all the money in all those reputable slimming centres only to be left disappointed with minimal results?

Ever heard of relaxing and losing weight at the same time?

Now if you are serious to rid of those cellulite and stubborn fats once and for all without much effort BUT in a relaxing way, then give Assata‘s slimming package. Now for both men and women, Assata is offering a full 2-Hour Aromatherapy Relaxing and Intensive Body Slimming Package which consists of 3 intensive slimming treatments combined in 1 to rid your body of those unsightly bulges and annoying cellulite with guaranteed results or your MONEY BACK!

Your goal to achieve that perfect body can finally be done in this package as Assata uses Transdermal High Technology Equipment with a blend of highly concentrated aromatic essential oils to destroy your body’s multiple fat layers.

And unlike other treatments, its pain free!

Worry not about the disappointment as Assata will guarantee you results. Beforehand, they will conduct:-

a) physical body circumference measurement;

b) physical weight measurement.

And if they fail to produce any results in physical body circumference measurement or weight reduction, you will get your money back in a full refund.

Assata promises the best as their selection of slimming treatments for this amazing package are their best-selling and most effective in the market and each treatment will be designed exclusively to cater to your body type and needs.

So why wait when you can shimmy up and achieve that conquest of a new toned and sexy you as this purchase also entitles you up to 50% off on Assata’s subsequent slimming packages.

At Assata, we want you to feel good , look good and feel the difference. All without hurting your wallet with as our result is guaranteed.

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You Name It, I Have It!