Nippon Momento Wallpaper PaintWALLS in a home are much like tapestries that set the tone of the room. Every wall is a potential canvas for a masterpiece. Nippon offers the perfect palette for expressions of artistic panache.

The Nippon Momento Wallpaper Paint offers finishes of sparkle pearl, sparkle silver and sparkle gold. Nippon Momento gives the home a new definition of art. Rustic yet chic, grand yet charming – Nippon Momento Wallpaper paint is an avant-garde decorative paint with rich colours and exquisite textures. Realise stylish impressions and extraordinary masterpieces with a coat of paint that gives luxurious finishes.

Explore the aestheticsof Momento’s palette with the following options:

Breathe luminosity

Designed to stimulate a glowing effect, Sparkle Pearl coats any surface with a lustrous texture. The luminous pigments found in Momento Sparkle Pearl Lemon Peel MP049 gently shimmer in the light. Combine the topcoat finish with the pastel shade of Dry Bamboo 30427 and warm brown hues of Sapling 4042T to create an effect that radiates style.

Silky incandescence

Nothing spells elegance for a room than shimmering metallic hues on a rich textured background. Sparkle Silver Reflections MS144 washes the wall with unique metallic resins and glossy-opaque textures.

Combine Sparkle Silver Reflections MS144 with the light brown shade of Terrace Stone 40MT and earth tones of Sandle Tan 3023D for iridescent shades tb provide any room with class and charisma.

Opulent splendour

Sparkle Gold’s unique mixture of glossy opaque texture and metallic resins create a spectacular sparkling effect. Splashes of gold add a touch of decadence the epitome of a luxurious environment.

Ignite any wall with textured brilliance by matching Momento Sparkle Gold’s Rose Gold MG163 with the blush of Robust Red222A and Wisteria White OW29 2P. The colours will shimmer with majestic reflection the perfect background of any style.

Italian charm

Explore the rich tones of Italy with hues and textures created by Elegant. Innovative and enchanting, Elegant is formed with gelatin pigments and rich colours to evoke the essence of Italian renaissance. It’s thick odourless and water-based formation spreads across any surface to create an exquisite texture.

Use the deep red of Winestone 181A and light hearth tones of Turned Earth 4203D with Momento Elegant’s Opus ME020 for an interior environment embellished with charming textures and eloquent colours. Nippon Momento Wallpaper Paint adds a texture of character and artistry to any wall.

Art for the home is redefined.

Nippon Momento paint is formulated with low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Momento is also free from formaldehyde and contains no lead or mercury – creating a healthier environment for homes. Nippon Momento is recommended for interior walls, ceilings, cement based plaster, gypsum based plaster, brickwork, hard and soft boards and asbestos. For details on Nippon Momento, visit :