You Name It, I Have It!


Are you suffering in SILENCE?

April 19th, 2010

back pain“I have nagging lower back pain for many months which I ignored and thinking that it will go away sooner or later. However, I have trouble sleeping and completing a simple task is a challenge. One day, I had much difficulty to get out of bed due to severe back pain!”

My ‘miseries’ continued with going to Doctors, Hospital, physiotherapy and swallowing bottles of medications and they did little to ease my sufferings.

Finally, I decided to call Occupational Health as suggested by the Doctor.

After reporting my symptoms to the Nurse, the site rgonomist came to assess my work station, and recommended a few simple actions such as correct sitting posture, taking micro breaks and use of a foot rest, my recovery was sooner than expected! I only wish I had gone to see our nurse sooner; I may not have to suffer.

……….The above sound familiar to you?

It’s almost like a person that is too busy driving and does not have the time to fill up the petrol tank!


We care for your Health and Safety, please act TODAY!

Please contact Occupational Health Nurse (OHN) or walk in to health service for early reporting and treatment.

OHN may refer you to Occupational Health Doctor for further assessment of your condition if needed.

Ergonomist will assess your work station to identify the root cause/s and  recommendations will be given.

With your understanding and taking actions to the recommendations, you will see the “DIFFERENCE”!!



You Name It, I Have It!