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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) helps to Boost Metabolism

January 14th, 2011

Multi-prong remedy

acvEVEN in the face of modern breakthrough, some folk remedies have managed to stand the test of time. One of the best remedies is drinking cider vinegar to improve your health.

This year, a team of Japanese researchers observed that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps to boost metabolism, blocks the body’s storage of dietary fat plus breaks down and dissolves existing body fat. This discovery builds on a study at Australia’s University of Sydney in which subjects who consumed two tablespoon of ACV daily experienced fewer surges and crashes in blood sugar levels and therefore consumed 1,400 fewer calories per week than volunteers in the control group.

To control weight and banish obesity, take this fat flushing drink three times daily. Mix two tablespoons of ACV with one or two tablespoons of raw honey in a glass of water.

Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar can promote younger looking skin in minutes. The skin consist of microscopically small, flat scales that constantly flake off, thereby revealing the new skin beneath the outer older layers of scales.

Men and woman can use this ACV on their skin and face weekly for amazing results. First, wash the skin in warm water. Next, apply a hot water-soaked cloth to the face for three minutes, and then remove. Soak thin cotton cloth in warm ACV water (one tablespoon of ACV per cup of water) and again apply to the face. Your skin will look more youthful and will shine.

Furthermore, studies at UCLA and elsewhere show that ACV’s abundant potassium and other nutrients can flatten bloat by flushing retain water from tissues, help regulate women’s menstruation and release PMF. Apple Cider Vinegar also helps to improve digestion and assimilation, remove body toxins and flush out those stony deposits that cause crippling and painful joint problem. It fights gallstones and kidney stones, fights arthritis and gout, keeps blood in right consistency and in low alkaline, brings down blood pressure, blood sugar level and many more.

ACV Daily

Not all apple cider vinegars are created equal. Many commercial apple cider vinegars have been pasteurized, filtered, refined or distilled in order to make the product look good, and thereby more appealing to the general public.

The best type of apple cider vinegar to use is one make from organically grown whole apples, in which no chemicals or preservatives have been added, which contains the “mother of vinegar”, and is not pasteurized. The mother of vinegar is a natural gelatinous substance formed during the fermentation step.

Certified Organic Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is unfiltered, unheated, un-pasteurized made from the finest fresh crushed organically grown apples and allowed to mature in wooden barrels which boost its natural fermentation qualities.

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in enzymes and potassium. It is brownish in colour and if you hold it up to the light, you will see tiny formations of “strand-like” substances that we call the miracle mother of vinegar. This amazing feature, which occurs naturally as strand-like connected protein molecules, is the most nutritious part of the ACV and is very beneficial to health.

The whole process of growing, processing and bottling of Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is in accordance with the California Organic Food Act of 1990. It is full of zesty nature goodness, contains no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.  For more information, contact CareMark’s Customer CARE-line at 1800880 2273 (CARE) or 03-77856288 or visit

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

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