UNWANTED “guests” like intruders, stray cats and pesky insects can affect security and health. Majestec Premium Security Doors and Windows is an effective way of maintaining security while allowing clear vision and ventilation.

Majestec Security Screens offer your home these distinct functions:

1) Security,

2) Insect screens,

3) Ventilation,

4) Clear Vision.

Majestec’s clear vision security screensThis is an aesthetic and functional product of Australian ingenuity. Majestec’s clear vision security screens utilize the latest in Japanese high tensile wire materials interwoven in-house into super strong stainless steel mesh – offering maximum strength.

The screens allow free flow of fresh air into your home, naturally cooling your living space. This also reduces energy consumption in the home. At night, windows can be left open without any worries about insect bites. The high tensile mesh is extremely resilient making it almost impossible for intruders to cut or break through. Majestec products have been tested and surpass standards for impact resistance, point load test, knife shear, and jimmy and pull tests.

It also protects glass and timber doors from breakage and damage that may be caused by wind-borne debris due to storms and even the wayward ball from children playing nearby.

In case of emergency, locks and handles can be easily released from the inside. Window locks and removable handles are also available. In high-rise buildings, the higher concentration of occupants makes it attractive to criminals as well as proximity to mass transit facilities.

Now with Majestec, unauthorized access is minimized without compromising on ventilation or views. Majestec security screens are custom made and come in a variety of colors to match your home decor. The frames are powder-coated to last over 10 years.

The rust-proof mesh is made of marine grade steel. It also requires low maintenance as you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth and then wipe dry. Its frames are made from heavy duty aluminum and Majestec holds several patents for its fixing systems Majestec’s product development team can custom-design its products to meet your design and security requirements.

The Majestec product range includes awning windows, casement windows, hinged doors, French doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and windows, stacker doors, fixed panels, pool fencing and balustrades and fire escapes. They also have curved and triangular panels available too. Majestec is now available in Malaysia and Singapore. For details, call 1300 88 MESH (6374) or 03- 2282 8997 or visit www.majestec.com