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Guided Meditation – Ven. Vimokkha – Your Daily Morning Meditation Guru

May 22nd, 2013

ajahn-wimoakAjahn Wimoak (Venerable Vimokkha) is one of the famous Vipassana meditation master who guided meditations for us to be mindfulness with our body & mind at anywhere anytime.

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Mind and heart become one with the body in the present moment.

Our attention constantly goes outwards whenever impinged by the six sense objects. Our mind by default turns outwards towards beautiful sight, sound, taste, smell, tactile objects and thoughts. Unconsciously webring this habitual tendency with us whenever we try to be mindful. Attention that goes outwards is not Right Mindfulness. We practice to see with mindfulness (turning inwards) and not with our eyes (turning outwards). Notice whenever there is desire or anger, is the mind turning inwards or outwards? Can we learn to become one with our breathing, our walking instead of being lost in thoughts? We keep our attention inwards and in the present moment only when we learn to let go (of expectations, judgment, comparison).

Right Intention is Important to stay in the present moment

Relax and keep your mindfulness on your in breath and out breath. The Buddha said – when breathing in a long breath, we know it’s a long breath. When we keep our intention on knowing every moment of the long breath, we become one with the breath (not on the long breath but on knowing the long breath; not focused but with relax attentiveness). When we have develop enough stillness and calmness, we expand that spaciousness of mind to see clearly, to hear clearly whatever that is in the here and now. We become one with awareness and letting go.

Continuing our practice in this way, in our daily activities, we remain calm and humble in our hearts. Finding joy in the present moment, with mindfulness and clarity of mind (clear comprehension), we are no longer lost in thoughts, we become more aware of what we are doing (including any thoughts arising). We come closer to see things as they really are through this natural letting go and non attachment to whatever sense impingement. When seeing, just see … when hearing, just hear .. we keep our mind in the present moment of seeing, hearing .. we are no longer seduced or agitated by what we see or hear. This is how we can bring our mind to become one with the body in the present moment. Article source

Ajahn Wimoak


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The nature is already there around you, just your heart’s not disturbed with desire and attachment, thus the true happiness will be realized by the nature. But if your heart is always disturbed with desire and all attachment, you are already far from the nature and you will never find true happiness and even yourself.” -Venerable Vimokkha

*You can listen Ajahn guided meditations during earlier morning meditation or at any peaceful moment to practice meditation. You are welcome to invite Ajahn for Vipassana meditation retreats or to your Vipassana meditation center. I hope by listen Ajahn guided your learn the types of meditation that feed your need.



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