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Achieving balance from head to toe

March 7th, 2012

SPA treatment nowadays offers a wide range of therapies that are aimed to revitalize your body, mind and soul. And many of South-East Asia’s spa therapies are naturally based on traditional healing traditions that focus not only on a specific remedy but on the concept of overall balance and harmony.

At the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa, the Dewi Sri Spa by Martha Tilaar continues the healing traditions that originate from Indonesia, in a modern setting. The well-known spa brand offers an extensive line of exclusive traditional Balinese and Javanese treatments and products made of rice extracts and pure essential oils.

The spa at this hotel offers eight massage rooms including one for couples. The facilities also consist of a facial room with three beds, two hair salon therapy rooms, a foot reflexology lounge, sand bath and hydrotherapy rub rooms.

In addition, there is a Jamu Bar that serves as a “pre-therapy” area for guests.

Only the best products and therapies are offered at the Dewi Sri Spa by Martha Tilaar.

Guests can also look forward to the opening of a “spa-tacular” outdoor villa that will host three therapy rooms, a jamu bar, and Jacuzzi amidst a serene garden. This new addition, overlooking a lily pond is expected to be ready by the middle of the year.

All the therapists here are trained and certified at the Martha Tilaar Training School in Indonesia before being sent to the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel & Spa.

Only the best signature spa therapies are offered, including:

  1. Dewi Sri Spa Sensual Series which utilizes contains rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood. The therapy relieves tension and renews the spirit. It is an ancient recipe for love, believed to be amorously stimulating.
  2. Dewi Sri Spa Relief Series which utilizes jasmine, nutmeg and neroli essential oils. Relieves stress and soothes the mind.
  3. Dewi Sri Spa Reviving Series which utilizes peppermint, lemon, cubeb and camphor. Alleviates fatigue and invigorates both body and mind.
  4. Dewi Sri Spa Body Contour Series which utilizes patchouli, lemon and lavender. Helps improve blood circulation and the lymphatic system that promotes skin regeneration. It also helps reduce orange-peel skin.
  5. Dewi Sri Spa Whitening Series which utilizes lemon and camphor. Lightens dull complexion and restores skin to its natural radiance.

You can also choose to customize any of the therapies to suit your preference.

A therapy commences with a texturiser, light body shower, body scrub, steam dynamic aromatic massage and body mask. Immerse in a tub filled with herbs and for a flawless finish, saturate the whole body with Dewi Sri Spa’s special body moisturizer containing silky rice extract and essential oil.

Reviving signature body therapies

A combination of traditional therapies comprising bathing and beauty care is designed for both inner and outer beauty.

Choose a therapy that suits you best:

  1. Dara Putih Aroma cleanses and “whitens” the body, removes blemishes and makes your skin more supple. The process includes hydrophil, “lulur” (scrub), steam bath, body massage, body mask, milk bath, body lotion and hot ginger drink.
  2. Lulur Malih Warni softens your skin, helps reduce unpleasant body odour and generally refreshes the whole body. The process includes hydrophil, steam bath, body massage, traditional “lulur”, shower, herbal bath, body lotion and hot ginger drink.
  3. Herbal Bath overcomes fatigue and leaving your body smelling pine fresh. The process includes hydrophil, steam bath, body massage, herbal bath, body lotion and hot ginger drink.
  4. Traditional “lulur” only
  5. “Ratus” (body smoke) only

Dewi Sri Spa also offers the Ken Dedes Princess Retreat which involves a body treatment for today’s women. Other therapies include hair, hands and feet care. For reservations, call 03-8949 8888 (ext 1998).



You Name It, I Have It!