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ACEsaneo and ACE 3000 Help Manage Pain Cost Effectively

May 9th, 2011

Cost effective way to manage pain

INVESTMENT is needed to manage pain in its early stage. Don’t just ignore your pain – start managing them now.

Introducing two new devices – ACEsaneo and ACE 3000 – to help you manage pain cost effectively.

Both devices are portable and are meant for home use. It offers comfort by relieving pain in the knees, legs and back ad also eases muscle ache.

Furthermore, the device is cost effective as it can be shared among many users.

Both devices are battery-operated for safety purposes and conforms to the European safety standard CE and is an approved medical device directive of the Europe and Canada Medical Equipment.

It is also easy to use.

At the press of a button, the machine will run and switch off by itself when the therapy is complete. A daily therapy of 30 minutes is recommended and benefits have been said to be almost immediate depending on the individuals.

ACEsaneo and ACE 3000

The German-made ACEsaneo has 16 programmes to help relieve joint or muscle pains, whereas the British-made ACE 3000 device comes in three phrases which are already programmed into the microchip.

The first phase helps relax the muscle and clears the damaged cells and toxins from the affected area (drainage).

Phrase two charges the cells with energy, enabling them to metabolize again.

This, in turn, helps reduce both the swelling and the resistance to the injured tissue (circulation). The third phase uses “the current of healing” which helps stimulate the cells to divide and make more cells, resulting in healing and pain reduction in the long run.

“I use the ACE 3000 and my players are impressed with the results,” said Malaysian cricket team sports trainer Subramaniam Veerasamy.

Md Yusof Sudin said: “I would definitely recommend the ACE 3000 to anybody who suffers pain.”

“I can’t leave home without it. It has brought me great relief and my pain management has been effective. The ACE 3000 has helped me save cost. I am currently sharing it with my family members,” said housewife Bu Ai Chin.

Nonetheless, different users respond to the therapy defiantly and it will take time for positive effects to show.

Generally, a therapy session of once or twice per day for a period of one to two months is recommended for proper effect to take place. Once you have experienced relief, the therapy session can be phased down up to once or twice a week.

Special promotion: Free delivery within Malaysia will be offered to those who purchase the first 50 units with additional two sets electrode pads at a “best buy” price. For more information, call 03-56339347, 012-2080108 or visit or



You Name It, I Have It!